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Active & Intelligent Packaging World Congress

News posted on: 2018/12/7 3:20:38 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Active & Intelligent Packaging World Congress

Active & Intelligent Packaging World Congress

This event will be held between 19 and 20 November, 2018 in Amsterdam.

The world of packaging is changing. New shopping experiences, emerging markets, sustainability, new materials, counterfeiting and e-commerce are all having a huge impact on the markets for food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The demands on packaging are increasing dramatically. Consumers want more information about the product and its provenance at the same time they want less or more effective packaging to meet the many environmental challenges.

Active & Intelligent Packaging World Congress

Food Waste, Fake Drugs, Adulterated or Counterfeit Alcohol and Cosmetics, Traceability, Food Fraud, Fresh not Frozen - these are all familiar subjects gaining more and more resonance with consumers as well as regulators.

Active & Intelligent Packaging is the ONLY new range of technologies to offer clear and definite SOLUTIONS to all these issues. Plus A&IP can engage, inform and entertain the customer (and provide valuable market metrics to the retailer and manufacturer) as never before! It really is the new Marketing Tool for the Digital and Smartphone age!

The AIPIA World Congress is the only window on the world to ALL Active & Intelligent Packaging Technologies: How they relate to the product; How they can be combined to create a total solution; How the latest ideas are expanding the possibilities; How Brand Owners are thinking and using Active & Intelligent Packaging ...now!

Xiamen Innov Information Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. are commit to provide one stop service of RFID security & tracking solution, especially for the packaging industry, including commodity traceability, security identification, item sealing, etc. Looking forward to good cooperation with overseas customers.


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