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Application of electronic license plate in Intelligent Transportation Based on RFID Technology

News posted on: 2018/7/20 1:06:54 - by Helen - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of electronic license plate in Intelligent Transportation Based on RFID Technology

Application of electronic license plate in Intelligent Transportation Based on RFID Technology

Application of electronic license plate in Intelligent Transportation Based on RFID Technology

With the expansion of the city scale and the improvement of people's living standard, more and more vehicles are on the road. This not only increases the traffic pressure, but also puts forward higher requirements for vehicle management. Is there any new technology to solve these problems? The answer is, of course. It's an intelligent electronic license plate.

When it comes to intelligent electronic license plates, many people will be curious. Here we are going to give you an overview of what is the smart electronic license plate and the future development trend. At present, the most common location and recognition of the license plate depends on the image recognition. After the number of the license plate number is detected and compared with the list in the database, the image recognition is greatly influenced by the environmental factors, and the recognition of the license plate is prone to error, and the blind area often occurs when the image is collected, and these uncontrollable factors are limited. The further development of image recognition is made.

In order to solve this series of problems, intelligent electronic license plate has come into being. Intelligent electronic license plate is based on RFID technology, and RFID technology as a new non-contact automatic recognition technology, compared with the traditional video and image processing license plate recognition technology, the accuracy of vehicle recognition based on RFID technology is high and is not easy to accept. The environment has no blind area and can accurately and comprehensively obtain state information of vehicles and road network traffic conditions. The future development trend will be the recognition of electronic license plate recognition instead of traditional license plate recognition.

The core of the electronic license plate is the electronic tag based on RFID technology, and the RFID tag is divided into two categories: active and passive.

Considering the service life and use scene of the electronic license plate, the passive electronic label has the characteristics of long life, small size and easy installation and low cost, which is more suitable for vehicle installation and use. In the choice of communication distance, the ultra high frequency UHF 860MHz ~ 960MHz passive RFID tag has the advantages of long communication distance and fast transmission rate. It is a very good choice for the recognition of electronic license plate.

Since the prospect of electronic license plate recognition is so broad, then it must have a lot of advantages and characteristics compared with traditional image recognition technology, and where are the specific basic requirements and technical advantages? Let's simply list the following:

    The basic requirements of the electronic license plate are:

    It can store data (vehicle type, color, car owner information).

    The identification tag can be read remotely, and the fixed reading device is more than 10 meters away.

    The reliability is high, and the success rate of reading is as high as 99.99%.

    A large number of tags can be identified at the same time, with a maximum of more than 200 per second.

    Accurate identification of tags in high-speed motion, mobile recognition speed up to 100km / h above.

    Technical advantages of electronic license plate:

    Data encryption, tag communication process using a unique algorithm, the third party device can not read;

    It is easy to install and does not require any special installation tools or materials.

    The unique matching algorithm of person card and garage organization can accurately judge the illegal use of motor vehicles.

     All weather can work reliably in any weather condition.

It is because the electronic license plate has so many advantages and characteristics that compared with the traditional license plate, it is foreseeable that in the near future, the motor vehicle will gradually use the electronic license plate with electronic label instead of the traditional traditional license plate. In this way, the electronic license plate from the front end of the vehicle, to the rear end license plate recognition, data transmission, and vehicle Management, data storage, terminal query and other platforms have broad prospects for building and development. Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the whole platform architecture.

After talking about the principles and advantages of the electronic license plate, it may be doubting whether the old driver is doubting whether the electronic license plate is really practical. Where is the specific application? Next we will talk briefly about the application scenario of the electronic license plate.

Scene 1: intelligent parking system

Speaking of most of the current parking management, many old drivers may have encountered more or less parking problems, high fees, no parking spaces and so on. In order to solve these parking problems, in recent years, the national policy has clearly put forward the application of high technology, such as vigorously promoting intelligent parking system, automatic identification of license plates and so on. To put it simply, the "wisdom" of intelligent parking is embodied in: intelligent parking location + automatic parking fee.

So how do we achieve intelligent parking at present? Let's take the most common parking lot. The most important technologies are license plate recognition technology and ETC technology. Before entering the parking lot, the intelligent parking system can accurately identify the vehicle identity through the electronic license plate recognition equipment, record the time for the vehicle entering and out of the field to charge the vehicle accurately, make the vehicle pass quickly, and do not need parking for manual recording. When the parking lot is out of the parking lot, the intelligent parking system will communicate with the license plate and the electronic license plate. In the case of no driver parking and any other operators, the whole process will be completed automatically.

Through the application of intelligent parking system, it can improve the efficiency and prevent the "bottleneck" of the toll station traffic. At the same time, through the RFID technology, the toll of no one for intervention can be realized, and the parking fee, the dereliction of duty, the malpractice of favoritism and so on are effectively checked, and the management cost of the toll station is reduced, and the cost of the toll station is reduced quickly. Return to infrastructure investment.

Scene 2: intelligent traffic management system

RFID technology can be used as an effective means of information collection in traffic dispatching system, and can be applied in traffic dispatch management system. For example, the application of RFID in the bus field management system can realize the automatic, accurate, long distance and non stop collection of information when the bus is loaded with the electronic license plate, so that the bus dispatching system can grasp the real-time dynamic information of the bus and bus parking lot. Through the implementation of the system, the management level of the bus can be effectively improved, and the data collected by the computer can be studied and analyzed. The law of vehicle use can be mastered, the loopholes in the vehicle management can be eliminated, the intelligent management of the bus vehicles can be realized and the image of the city is promoted.

In addition, the use of RFID as a technical means has a very high economy and has the characteristics of convenient installation, strong adaptability, low cost and no need for transformation of vehicles compared with the global positioning system (GPS) and other technologies. At the same time, special dispatching and management can be carried out for some special service vehicles, such as garbage transport vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles and so on. Through the electronic license plate installed on the vehicle, the identification equipment is placed on the monitoring point of the specific section to monitor whether the vehicle runs according to the prescribed route, and the location of the accident vehicle can be located in time when there are leakage and other sudden situations.

Through the introduction of the above two practical applications, we have a more intuitive and clearer understanding of the electronic license plate. Figure 5 is an example of the application of electronic license plate in the specific industry.


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