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Application of RFID chip technology in domestic solid waste treatment

Application of RFID chip technology in domestic solid waste treatment

In Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, solid waste treatment started relatively late compared to water treatment and gas treatment. New chemical materials are also the pillar industry of Jiaxing Port District. In this city, there are many types and large amounts of solid waste generated, and the foundation of disposal facilities is weak. Shortcomings in waste disposal capacity are imminent.

After the garbage dumping incident in the Yangtze River Estuary in 2016, the city immediately started with solid waste infrastructure construction and informatization supervision and began related exploration. In 2017, Jiaxing City launched a three-year campaign to tackle the five wastes. The city will invest 8 billion yuan to build 46 solid waste disposal projects in 3 years.

A few days ago, in Jiaxing Xinjia Aisi Thermal Power Co., Ltd., transport vehicles loaded with sludge were slowly entering the company's gates, bringing in sludge from many waste-producing units. The staff of the Jiaxing Ecology and Environment Bureau, dozens of kilometers away, is using the "Jiaxing General Industrial Solid Waste Information Monitoring System" to determine the vehicle's driving path, waste, transportation and disposal of the tripartite and transportation driver, license plate, type of waste, The weight and other data are carefully verified, and the whole process of tracking is tracked.

On the computer of Tian Hengwen, director of the Solid Defense Center, the information of more than 4,000 enterprises in the city is displayed. According to the item classification, click the mouse and the required information will pop up.

According to Tian Hengwen, RFID chips can be placed in the sludge. Together with GPS positioning and cameras, they form a solid waste electronic single tracker, which can upload data to the supervisory cloud platform. Once an abnormal path occurs or is dumped in the middle, the system will automatically Identify warnings. With this system, the city's production and waste enterprise information and solid waste circulation dynamics are all well known.

Not only is it convenient for government supervision departments, but also enterprises that produce waste and dispose of it also benefit from it. It is understood that the system can also help one-click intelligent selection of production, waste, transportation, and disposal of honest enterprises without worrying about whether the contractor dumps at will, which is more conducive to the company's self-monitoring.

In addition, the system adopts artificial intelligence + big data model to monitor the entire process of general industrial solid waste generation, transportation, and disposal for 24 hours. As of the end of July 2019, there were 4,318 registered enterprises in the system, and a total of 493,062 tons of solid waste had been transferred.

At present, Jiaxing City has built 22 solid waste gap filling projects, with a new disposal capacity of 2.01 million tons / year and a landfill capacity of 238,000 tons. The disposal capacity has reached about 1.6 times that of 2016. "Governance project construction, take the lead in realizing the whole process of general industrial solid waste supervision, and take the lead in forming a three-level garbage classification working mode in the province.

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