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Application of RFID in mobile base station equipment management

Application of RFID in mobile base station equipment management

Focus on promoting high-quality development, point out long-term development, strengthen strategic and network-based infrastructure construction, promote the construction of major projects such as the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, steadily promote the construction of communication networks, accelerate the implementation of major natural disaster prevention and control projects, and strengthen municipal pipeline networks and cities The construction of parking lots and cold chain logistics will speed up the construction of rural roads, information and water conservancy facilities. Among them, network construction has always been a focus of people's livelihood, and network equipment is dismantled to make up for busy, and base station carrier adjustment is an important means of "flexible network" construction. Realize real-time and accurate management of mobile base station equipment movement. Using advanced RFID technology, combined with computer and wireless network application technology, the communication equipment is automatically registered, stored, checked and asset tracking management is carried out to comprehensively improve the efficiency of asset management.

RFID (Radio Frequency Tag) technology is widely used in retail, medicine, transportation and other fields, and is infiltrating into various traditional industries. At present, material and equipment management is one of the fastest growing areas of RFID technology. Many companies have adopted RFID tags and materials The integration of equipment management systems can automatically, real-time and intelligently realize the management of complex material and equipment transfer. At present, China Mobile Communications Corporation is the first to try to introduce RFID technology into the management of its base station communication equipment in China to realize efficient, real-time and accurate equipment transfer management.

The fixed assets of communication enterprises are characterized by wide distribution, large quantity, high unit value and frequent adjustments. As a bridge between the physical world and existing IT systems, RFID technology can effectively integrate daily asset management activities with asset management systems, so as to achieve real-time synchronization of physical information and system information. Therefore, it has become possible to establish an asset management system based on RFID technology to realize automatic management.

Every year, the mobile company has to carry out a large number of network equipment dismantling to make up for busy, base station carrier adjustment, and hundreds of thousands of new equipment are connected to the grid. The above reasons make the management of equipment transfer and asset inventory extremely difficult! Traditional The equipment asset management method of manual front desk and computer backstage is increasingly unable to meet the needs of actual conditions. The traditional front desk is still carried out manually. On-site inventory, hand-copying, entry, and summary are performed. After a variety of manual participation, the collected equipment asset information can be imported into the back-end computer database. A large number of manual participation in equipment asset management has caused problems such as complicated processes, long time, poor real-time, difficult management, and high error rate, which ultimately reduced equipment utilization and increased operating costs.

How to efficiently and scientifically manage a large number of communication equipment. RFID technology realizes remote, dynamic and real-time equipment asset data collection, replacing the front-end manual data collection of traditional asset management methods, and better combining with back-end computer databases to form a fully intelligent equipment asset management system, thereby greatly improving equipment utilization , Reduce operating costs. The RFID reader is a read-write controller for asset electronic tags and cabinet repeaters. It consists of encryption circuits, codec circuits, and microwave communication controllers. It uses RFID communication protocol data exchange methods and microwave wireless transmission methods. After receiving the tag information, the data can be transmitted to the background system through GPRS, wired transmission and other means to realize remote, real-time and dynamic collection and analysis of equipment asset conditions. Electronic tag is a mobile device identification device with microwave communication function and information storage function. The asset electronic tag itself has a unique ID number, which can be used as a carrier for asset information identification and monitoring by binding the ID number to the background data of a specific asset.

The RFID system application writes asset-related information to RFID electronic tags, and the RFID read-write device automatically recognizes and collects data, so that the daily management of assets "does not need to make any manual records", reduces the intermediate links of information transmission, and improves the accuracy and accuracy of information. Effectiveness. RFID technology intelligently manages the entire life cycle of communication assets, effectively increasing the marginal benefit of investment and increasing asset utilization, reducing unnecessary investment in communication equipment and idle waste.



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