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Application of RFID in West Africa to implement student examination management

Application of RFID in West Africa to implement student examination management

User background: The West African Examinations Commission (WAEC) holds annual examinations within its member countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia, Sierra Leone). Every spring and summer, approximately 2.2 million candidates take exams at 15,000 test centers in Nigeria. The exam committee needs to formulate a series of plans for each region, such as the location, time, subject, frequency, etc., and supervise and manage the candidates. Because there is no effective management system and supervision mechanism, the work of the examination committee is complicated and inefficient, and problems such as cheating and examination replacement cannot be prevented, which seriously affects the normal development of the work of the examination committee in West Africa.

Faced with a challenge: There is no system to record test information such as test subjects and time, and it is more difficult to formulate a reasonable test arrangement for each region. Invigilators need to manually compare the photos on the paper and the real face of the candidate to confirm that no one is taking the exam, and these papers may be tampered with. The system cannot automatically create records of exams, which is not conducive to subsequent statistics and analysis.

Solution: By configuring PDA, integrating RFID information reading and writing function, using mobile data communication function to connect to the database back-end system in real time, to realize the systematic storage and management of data such as exam subjects, exam time and location, and intelligently identify candidates ’identity information Precise, help the supervisors accurately and quickly identify the testers, so as to prevent candidates from cheating and replacing the test, and improve the fairness and authority of the test.

Effectiveness of application: A systematic management system for examination information has been constructed, which helps the examination committee to plan and arrange examinations in various regions in a reasonable manner, improving work efficiency. The intelligent identification of the candidate's identity information through the PDA effectively eliminates candidates for exams and reduces cheating. It is convenient to collect the reference staff, the number of reference persons and the school data of the reference persons for reference by the examination committee to optimize the examination process. Make detailed records of each candidate's test information, including cheating by reference personnel, to facilitate a comprehensive assessment of candidates. Through the application of RFID technology, the need for paper registration forms is eliminated, and costs are saved.



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