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Application of RFID Technology in the Management of Ancient and Famous Trees

Application of RFID Technology in the Management of Ancient and Famous Trees

Ancient famous trees have witnessed the long history and culture of a country or region, have important humanistic and scientific value, and are called "living cultural relics" by plant experts. Some of these ancient trees can be used in medicine. Some of them are very valuable for studying the variation and optimization of tree species. Some have ornamental value. Some are their own symbols and pinions. It is of great significance to protect these precious historical heritage.

In recent years, more and more cities have done a lot of work in order to realize the scientific, informatization and modernization of the management of ancient and famous trees. Protect ancient and famous trees, such as basic protection measures such as archives, encirclement, permits, and establishment of ecological circles. However, due to the characteristics of forest germplasm resource information, it determines that the workload is huge and complex, requires a large amount of manual inventory, and the manual operation efficiency is relatively low and error-prone.

In order to solve the problem of backward management of ancient and famous trees information, RFID technology and unique RFID nail tags are adopted. The age of the tree, the subject, the protection of living conditions and other information are encoded into the chip, with the GPS positioning system, more comprehensive protection of ancient trees. RFID nail tags with ABS shell, internal RFID chip encapsulation with epoxy resin, completely sealed, completely heat-resistant, waterproof, shockproof, durable, will not fade, and the trees themselves will not have any impact on health. Once the old tree gets sick, the manager will read the information of the old tree and store it in the chip through the handheld device. The past data will be clear at a glance: when the water is poured, what fat is applied, there are any diseases, whether to "move" or "home". If destroyed, this chip can still vividly record clues to the perpetrator.

Use RFID technology, use a handheld RFID reader to wirelessly identify ancient famous trees, intelligently manage, and specifically realize the following functions:

(1) The system can realize fast reading and writing and automatic reading and writing of tree resource data, which greatly reduces manual labor, reduces human errors, saves time and improves work efficiency.

(2) Because RFID technology supports non-visual recognition, mobile recognition and multi-target recognition, it can greatly improve management efficiency, reduce the workload of managers and improve the work efficiency of forestry departments in the process of registration and inventory of tree resource information.

(3) It can realize the function of positioning and long-term tracking management of ancient and famous wood resources, which is convenient for resource search and protection, tracking and finding problems in time, finding out the cause of the problem or making up for the loss as soon as possible.

(4) Realize data system management through the combination of RFID technology and database technology. On this basis, data science and optimal management can be analyzed and processed. The resources and information of breeding experts and forestry management departments can be provided to the greatest extent. Decisions provide information to accelerate the realization of forestry information.

From a forestry perspective or from a management perspective, the application of RFID technology in the management of ancient and famous trees has practical significance. The RFID system has the advantages of simple structure, large amount of information, fast response speed, and simple operation. This will greatly improve the efficiency of the management of the forestry department, reduce the manual workload of management personnel, and lay a solid foundation for the overall informationization of forestry.



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