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Application of RFID technology to create an intelligent management system for cold storage

Application of RFID technology to create an intelligent management system for cold storage

At present, the cold chain logistics industry is developing from a decentralized state to the direction of intensification, standardization, and informationization. The traditional cold storage management model has long been unable to meet the management needs of modern cold storage.

As the central link of low-temperature food circulation, cold storage requires strict technical control in terms of environment, storage capacity, scientific management, and electronic technology. A good operating environment has promoted the intelligent development of cold storage, and has gradually become the trend of technological development. Therefore, the automatic control operation of the cold storage industry is regarded as a development focus. The call for efficient development, the management and technology of the cold storage have been strengthened, and the industrial structure adjustment and the transformation of the regular growth mode have been promoted.

At present, RFID technology is bringing a huge change to the refined management of cold storage, to identify the advantages of long distance, fast, not easy to damage, large capacity, etc., to simplify complicated workflows, and effectively improve management efficiency and business transparency.

The RFID cold storage management system has a complete operation process in the warehouse, from the warehouse zero storage, commodity storage, commodity storage, commodity inventory, commodity inventory, commodity allocation, commodity allocation, commodity sorting, cost settlement, collection, etc ... … Not only improve the service level of cold storage enterprises, but also ensure the accuracy of business data and financial data.

RFID cold storage management system solution highlights

1. The RFID technology is fully applied in the cold storage warehouse. The software and hardware of the RFID system can be integrated with inventory management and automatic control to smoothly realize data identification, data collection, data exchange and storage, ensuring the support of the storage chain to the entire cold chain. . The automation of data entry by the RFID system can reduce a lot of manpower and material consumption, and at the same time, it can realize dynamic real-time control of cold storage inventory:

2. When the goods with RFID tags enter and exit the warehouse, the reader at the exit will automatically read the tags without manual scanning. According to the information obtained, the management system will automatically update the inventory list to achieve automatic operation. Combining the data interaction between the hand-held terminal device of the warehouse manager and the computer and the RFID tag of the goods, the precise correspondence between the goods and the warehouse location can be realized, so as to realize the complete control of warehouse entry and removal and warehouse movement.

3. There is no need to perform manual inspection or scan barcodes when taking inventory, just hold the RFID handheld device and start reading the inventory within 3 meters of the goods, so the workload and unnecessary losses during inventory inventory are greatly reduced, And through the tracking operation of RFID technology, the location of the goods is more precise and specific.

4. The system will integrate the RFID tags used by the relevant personnel, and realize the function of comparing with the time of the goods in and out of the warehouse while achieving the control of the in and out of the warehouse.

5. Pass the temperature collected by the temperature sensor to the back-end system for processing through communication technology. This system can monitor the temperature change of the stored goods in real time, and realize real-time monitoring and early warning management.

6. Every day the goods in the warehouse will produce refrigeration costs, which can automatically calculate the refrigeration costs in real time every day, to avoid understocking and missing customer fees in the cold storage.

7. Set the validity period of the food. When the setting date is reached, it will automatically remind to ensure food safety.

8. Quick backup of the system, simple recovery function and permission equipment can help you ensure data security and easily deal with difficulties.

With the continuous improvement of the cold storage technology and the promotion of the use of international standards, the industry has gradually been on the track of rapid high-end technology development. The RFID cold storage management system has made a powerful effort to accelerate the intelligent process of the cold storage industry. s help.



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