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Asset RFID enables contactless, highly reliable, maintenance-free management

Asset RFID enables contactless, highly reliable, maintenance-free management

U-bit asset management, also known as U-WEI RFID asset management, is mainly to provide data center asset management with automatic data entry and asset change real-time tracking and copywriting, which can solve traditional asset management systems. It is caused by manual input and regular inspections. Huge workload, incorrect entry information, and inability to update the asset library in a timely manner.

U-bit asset management It is a breakthrough innovation technology. While inheriting the advantages of RFID tags, it has completely solved the four major shortcomings of RFID technology in the application room of U-bit asset monitoring field in the computer room, with high reliability and high accuracy. , Precise positioning, maintenance-free features.

In a U-asset digital management and control project for a financial user data center, a third-party computer room inspector found that the contact-type electronic tags and asset strips of the USB port installed on the U-position had suffered large-scale damage to varying degrees. Including "deformation, cracks, rust" and other serious problems. The failure rate is too high, and the reliability of contact electronic tags and asset strips is not high. The operation experience of the contact type electronic tag of the USB port is very poor, often the wrong hole position, the plug port is easy to be broken, etc., the failure rate is too high.

As the first-generation U-bit positioning technology, serial bus technology is a backward and nearly eliminated technology. At present, the mainstream U-bit digital management and control technology uses the third-generation positioning technology. By using non-contact RFID tags and asset strips, the contact technology is prevented from being caused by the contact's oxidation, wear, and poor contact. Equipment failure. In the whole life cycle management, the product quality is highly reliable and maintenance-free.

1.Inventory / on-shelf asset management

Establish asset data information, manage asset status changes, and provide effective basic data for managing and monitoring asset information. Including asset addition, delisting, disposal, and back-to-back.

2. Software Product Management

Register and install the entire software product to be applied, and notify customers when the software product is about to expire or has expired, to ensure the real-time effectiveness of the software product.

3. Asset maintenance management

Perform hierarchical management operations on asset and equipment maintenance contracts and correlate asset equipment and maintenance contracts to provide efficient inventory functions and early warning functions to ensure the safe operation of assets.

4. Asset inventory management

Centralized inventory of all state assets and equipment such as the entire data center inventory, on-shelf, etc., inform users in time of abnormal state assets, and automatically generate inventory reports after the inventory is completed.

5. Business Process Management

A series of operations such as asset addition, procurement, storage, storage, removal, change, disposal, and inventory management.

6. Asset visualization

The 2D / 3D visualization platform can connect with various monitoring and management systems in the data center to form a visual management solution, visually display equipment information, quickly retrieve, locate, and improve the efficiency of daily operations and maintenance.

The leading non-contact U-bit technology is widely used in various data centers such as finance, government, power, and operators. The U-bit asset management system is based on the management of the entire life cycle of the data center assets, which deeply meets the actual management and control needs, and realizes the entire life cycle management and control of assets from procurement, out of storage, removal, delisting, change, disposal, and allocation. At the same time, through the unique U-shaped asset precise level positioning, 2D / 3D visual operation, mobile management, asset maintenance management and other functions, the realization of data center asset management towards standardized, intelligent, refined, and visualized comprehensive development.



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