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Changsha renews social security "7 banks in one card"

News posted on: 2018/10/10 7:17:29 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Changsha renews social security  "7 banks in one card"

Changsha renews social security  "7 banks in one card"

On September 30, Changsha held a symposium and a renewal ceremony of the cooperation agreement on the "one-card" project of social security. Seven banks, including China Construction Bank, Changsha Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Hunan Rural Credit Cooperative, Bank of China, Bank of Communications and Agricultural Bank of China, and Changsha Municipal People's Society Bureau, have renewed the "one-card" project cooperation agreement on social security.Since the start of data acquisition in 2015, Changsha has submitted about 6.8 million card-making data to the Provincial People's Social Security Bureau, and collected 3 biological characteristics of 5.1 million people's faces, fingerprints and finger veins.    


The issue and application of "one-card" will strengthen the cooperation between bank and government, banking and insurance, promote the application of social security cards in basic records and inquiries, social insurance, employment services, government and other public services, realize the granting of various pension benefits, open the settlement of medical and reproductive work-related injuries and settle them in different places. Medical real time settlement and talent new deal subsidy and so on. 


Up to now, 5.1 million social security cards have been issued in Changsha. The financial activation rate and social security activation rate of those who have received social security cards have reached more than 90%.


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