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Chongqing also has a brush face supermarket! The customer looks at the camera automatically to complete the settlement

News posted on: 2018/7/27 1:02:11 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Chongqing also has a brush face supermarket! The customer looks at the camera automatically to complete the settlement

Chongqing also has a brush face supermarket! The customer looks at the camera automatically to complete the settlement 


You need to register before entering the unmanned supermarket. 


A small label containing a chip is attached to the commodity. 



There is a camera and a display on the top of the head, and a look up at the camera. The display will immediately show the amount of settlement. 

Brush the face into the supermarket, no salesperson, merchandise self selected, no need to pay credit card, do not pay cash, do not bring a cell phone, look at the screen can automatically deduct money. Recently, the Chongqing branch of the Bank of Agricultural Bank of China is the first to create a non payment application scene in the banking industry, and in a supermarket in a large community in Yubei District to run a non payment experience point (also known as the brush face unmanned supermarket) to attract nearby residents to go.      


Yesterday (23), the upstream news Chongqing evening news slow news reporter came to brush face no supermarket to experience.        


Bindings of a bank card first and then brush your face            

Reporters in this supermarket see, although it is working day, but there are still many young people come to brush face, no supermarket shopping. 


There are two people on duty at the entrance of the unmanned supermarket. They are all staff of Chongqing branch of Agricultural Bank of China. "We are mainly responsible for teaching customers to use non touch payment applications, that is, brush face payment." Li Junyi, the staff member, said that entering the unmanned supermarket needs to brush his face, but to realize the payment of the brush face, it needs to go through several steps of registration first. We should pay attention to the WeChat public number, open face recognition application service, enter the name and ID card information, bind the bank card, pass the bank message to verify, take photos through the bank. You can enter a face.        


Another staff member Wang Wenwen told reporters that the store shopping process is divided into 3 steps: first, brush the face into the store; two, free purchase; three, brush face payment, leave the shop. 

The shopping goods are labeled with chip labels            

After 3 minutes of simple registration, the reporter came to the entrance. After detecting the face automatically, the reporter opened the gate.  


The unmanned supermarket is about 40 square meters, and the four corners are monitored. Food, daily necessities, department stores, drinks and other commodities on the shelves, the price ranging from several yuan to several hundred yuan. In addition to no store, it is not the same as the general supermarket.    


"One month after opening a shop, customers are getting more and more each day." Wang Wenwen told reporters that no supermarket products enjoy 20 percent off discount.Reporters noted that all products were labeled with a small tag containing chips. Through this tag, the cash register not only identifies the goods and prices that customers buy, but also links the access control system. After the payment of customers, the chip automatically degauss.  Check out an automatic camera withdrawing.      


The choice of good products to the settlement area, the reporter noted that the settlement division mobile phone self settlement and brush face automatic settlement. If the binding face is paid, the export system will automatically detect customers' purchases, create orders and display details on screen display devices. Customers look at the display screen to complete the payment, and the gate automatically opens.  


According to the introduction, if customers do not shop, they can enter the settlement channel. After the system is brushed, the road gate will be released automatically. If someone takes the goods and wants to leave without paying the bill, the gate will not be opened and the system will automatically alarm.  


"No supermarket has seen it, but brush payment has not been tried." Xiao Yu, a nearby community owner, said she came here to buy two bottles of mineral water and went to the settlement area. She looked up at the camera and displayed the amount of consumption immediately, immediately after the "click", the settlement was completed and the gate machine was opened. "It's more convenient than I thought." 

Not much of the goods need to be improved            

People in the industry have revealed that at present, there are 3 main forms of technology used in unmanned supermarkets: one is artificial intelligence based on computer recognition; the two is the RFID based Internet of things, and the three is the internet route of the vending machine / two-dimensional code. "No supermarket has reduced labor costs and costs are lower than traditional stores, but early investment in equipment and technology can not be ignored."  Insiders say that there is not much commodity in the supermarket, and there is still room for improvement. Because there is no service, and some elderly people will not operate, customer experience will be worse. 


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