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Combining RFID technology will better manage power assets

Combining RFID technology will better manage power assets

With the substantial improvement of living standards, living appliances are becoming more and more diversified, ensuring the safe use of electricity has always been an important infrastructure for people's livelihood. Grid asset management is an important guarantee for the safe use of electricity, ensuring that the life cycle of power assets is managed and maintained. Make it more suitable for the power needs of modern cities. RFID technology is non-contact, long-distance, and automatically collects information to realize the timely transmission and feedback of asset change information, allowing the life cycle management of all stages of power assets and real-time transmission of on-site physical information for data processing. RFID technology allows the visualization and informationization of asset power lifecycle management, establishing an efficient management platform.

In power equipment asset management, the application of automatic identification technology mainly includes fixed asset management, asset life cycle tracking and equipment inspection and maintenance. Among them, the introduction of radio frequency identification system in the management of fixed assets and the use of handheld terminals are best to support wireless data communication, which can not only greatly improve work efficiency, save labor costs, but also avoid various errors that are unavoidable in manual investment. Follow-up allows companies to more accurately grasp the allocation of inventory and fixed assets. More and more attention is paid to asset supervision, and corporate capital operations are becoming more and more frequent. This is particularly important. For power asset management, RFID technology brings a lot of convenience.

Equipment inspection and maintenance, fixed asset inventory and asset life-cycle tracking management, RFID technology will provide better information collection, real-time understanding of equipment inspection, maintenance, and operation status, timely detection of hidden dangers, and early treatment to avoid the development of hidden dangers Failure leads to greater losses. After discovering the hidden dangers of the equipment, the inspection personnel need to report the relevant situation in a timely, accurate, clear and complete manner. The relevant departments will organize the maintenance personnel to repair according to the information provided in the report to eliminate the hidden danger.

Grid asset tracking management adopts RFID handheld collection terminal to collect information on site physical identification. RFID handheld collection terminal is equipped with anti-interference, reading and writing distance, stability, reliability and other factors. RFID technology provides automatic collection of information on the safety management of power grid assets. RFID electronic tags are used to bind power asset information, and RFID read and write collection devices store RFID electronic tag information, contactless batch reading and data transfer. The daily operation and maintenance of RFID electronic tag data realizes the dynamic tracking management of equipment, eliminates the difficulties, blind spots and obstacles of asset management, and realizes the accurate positioning management of asset equipment. , And thus bring high efficiency and economic benefits.

In power equipment asset management, RFID automatic identification technology plays a very important role in fixed asset management, asset life cycle tracking and equipment inspection and maintenance. The work efficiency is greatly improved, saving labor costs and avoiding various errors in inventory. RFID technology more accurately understands the inventory and distribution of fixed assets.

The inspection and maintenance of equipment is the maintenance management of equipment status, which is different from the tracking management of fixed asset inventory and asset life cycle. Due to changes in the state of the asset, it is closely related to the tracking of the entire life cycle. The purpose of equipment maintenance is to check the operation status of equipment, discover hidden dangers in time, and deal with them in advance to prevent hidden dangers from developing into failures and causing great losses. The inspector shall report the hidden trouble of the equipment in time, accurately, clearly and completely. Based on the information provided by the report, relevant departments organize maintenance personnel to repair the equipment to eliminate hidden dangers.

Due to the large number, large amount, and rapid update of power asset management, how to quickly manage management can promptly and accurately reflect these changes. Then RFID technology will give more convenience to asset management in the power sector. It is an essential role for RFID technology in the power industry!



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