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Food traceability management based on UHF RFID technology

Food traceability management based on UHF RFID technology

In my country, RFID technology has also been used in food safety tracking management, and has been strongly supported by many local governments.

In May 2002, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Administrative Measures on Animal Immunization Labeling", which requires pigs, cattle and sheep to wear immunization ear tags and establish an immunization file management system.

In order to ensure the safety of food supply to Hong Kong, the "Food Safety Early Warning and Origin Control System for Supply to Hong Kong" implemented in Shenzhen and Hong Kong adopted RFID radio frequency identification technology for food breeding, production, processing, transportation, wholesale, and ports in Hong Kong. Inspection, retail and other links. Adding RFID electronic tags on the outer packaging of food contains food detection information, food growth, production information, storage and transportation packaging information. Hong Kong citizens can use electronic tag readers to trace back to the source of the food and other information. More at ease.

In Shandong Shouguang Vegetables, with the help of the gold engineering network platform of the Shandong Province Quality Supervision System, a food safety quality database of the whole province is established to provide consumers with dynamic and authoritative food quality traceability information. Sichuan hog farming and Zhejiang aquatic products export have successively established RFID traceability systems for food safety management, effectively guaranteeing local food safety supervision. These pilot projects have greatly promoted the establishment of my country's food safety traceability system.

RFID food management system

The electronic label is attached to the food or food packaging box, the reader is connected to the antenna, the sensor is integrated with the reader, and the data packet read by it is transmitted to the food safety management database through the network, and the manufacturers and products in various links in the food supply chain Information is registered in the RFID public service system, based on the food safety management database, through the integration of supply chain information, the system provides food information services, food safety traceability, food quality assessment and other application services.

Based on the integration of food safety management database and food supply chain information, the system can provide the following services.

(1) Food information service

Users can enjoy food information services through inquiries. On the dining table, you can get the raw material origin, producer (processer), production date and other information of each dish; supermarket shopping, you can get the flow information and safety information of the purchased food

(2) Food safety traceability

Once an outbreak occurs, information such as where the product is sold, the person responsible and the origin of the product can be quickly found through the food safety management system. Not only can the final consumer of each piece of food be found according to the food safety traceability system, but also circulation or production processing can be found. In the process of problems, take corresponding measures.

(3) Terminal query system

The supermarket is the main channel for consumers to buy food. Consumers can check the information of the purchased food on the RFID electronic tag query terminal provided by the supermarket or the manufacturer.



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