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How does RFID handheld reader help logistics

How does RFID handheld reader help logistics

Today, with the rapid development of e-commerce and the Internet of Things, the traditional warehouse management model can no longer meet the modern logistics needs. The RFID handheld readers introduced in recent years will greatly improve the level of warehousing logistics management, and can accelerate the information construction of warehousing logistics management.

Warehousing has always played the most important role in the logistics system. With the rapid development of modern logistics, higher requirements have been put forward for warehouse operations such as outbound, inbound, shift, inventory, and goods inquiry. Modern warehouse reserves not only complete the simple batch processing of goods in and out, but also make clear database records of the types, quantities, production attributes, pallets and other information of the goods in the warehouse. In order to obtain accurate product data and supply chain information at all stages of the logistics link.

As a widely used information equipment in the logistics industry, RFID handheld reader can directly input and scan RFID electronic tags, which can handle large quantities of goods when entering and leaving the warehouse, greatly improving the throughput efficiency of the warehouse; ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the entered data Manual recording, direct use of barcode scanning for goods entry and exit registration and inventory; help enterprises reduce the labor cost input of logistics warehousing systems and obtain higher profits.

Storage management: every goods entry is scanned with PDA handheld and recorded in the database;

Outbound management: scan out the bar code of the warehouse, automatically display the name of the goods, the storage location, check and confirm;

Shift management: when the goods move from one location to another, the barcode is scanned by the handheld machine and automatically recorded in the database;

Inventory management: After scanning the storage location with the PDA handheld, it will automatically display the name and quantity of the goods, and then scan the barcode to confirm whether these goods are in the storage position;

Cargo search: The operator enters the cargo number on the handheld and automatically displays the storage location and barcode of the cargo.

RFID smart handheld reader is a wireless portable device that integrates RFID radio frequency technology and data terminal. It has the characteristics of large-capacity storage, ultra-long use time, multiple communication and expansion interfaces, hardware modules can be selected according to different needs, software can be fully customized according to user needs, etc. It is widely used in warehouse inventory and inventory management, Links such as materials on shelves, inventory checking, materials export and retrieval. Solved the time and effort of finding materials. Realize quick inventory inventory and shorten the inventory time of inventory management personnel. Solve the situation of time-consuming and prone to wrong materials and quantities when entering and leaving the warehouse.

The intelligent handheld reader carries the RFID tag reading identification module and powerful processing and storage functions. It uses the wireless network environment and cooperates with the warehouse management software in the background to accurately count the number of materials and storage locations, and accurately manage the storage of each item 3. Outbound process. Realize the informationization, science and precision of warehouse management. This is undoubtedly a great medicine for enterprises. Inventory inventory will save a lot of manpower and time costs, and at the same time improve various levels of management efficiency.



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