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How RFID can improve urban traffic management

How RFID can improve urban traffic management

The automobile electronic identification system is a typical application of RFID in urban traffic. By pasting the automobile electronic identification on the front windshield of the vehicle, the reading and writing base station is arranged on the urban road to collect vehicle information accurately in real time, thus breaking through the original traffic information collection technology. Bottlenecks, to achieve accurate identification of vehicle identities, dynamic collection of vehicle information, and massive collection of traffic information, effectively improve the intelligent level of vehicle management and meet the needs of urban traffic management applications.

Real-time and accurate monitoring of urban traffic data

The automobile electronic identification system can obtain the car-related information stored in the automobile electronic identification in real time and accurately through RFID technology, including license plate number, vehicle appearance, annual inspection information, yellow-green label information, vehicle driving position, etc. The intelligent transportation integrated platform based on the urban traffic data collected by RFID technology can realize real-time monitoring of traffic flow, intelligent statistics of traffic information, traffic information mining and big data processing functions, and congestion charging and congestion limit line by region and time period. The traffic data after data processing can be used as data support for urban traffic congestion prediction and traffic planning. RFID technology-based automotive electronic identification urban traffic system can adapt to a variety of collection environments, and can be accurately identified under low-visibility, multi-lane vehicles at normal speeds, improve the real-time and accuracy of urban traffic management, and make urban traffic more scientific , Intelligent.

Timely and comprehensively monitor the environmental protection of vehicles

RFID technology-based automotive electronic identification system can monitor vehicle yellow-green label information and vehicle exhaust emissions in real time and accurately, realize electronic management of vehicle environmental yellow-green label information, vehicle exhaust emission monitoring, and over-limit vehicle area limit supervision, etc., thereby promoting urban traffic environmental protection management Digitization process, strengthen the supervision of environmental protection departments on vehicles that do not meet environmental standards, increase the elimination rate of yellow-label vehicles, strengthen the monitoring of illegal behaviors of prohibited and restricted vehicles, and increase the environmental protection and comprehensive performance inspection rate of yellow-label vehicles. Help to create a green and environmentally friendly urban transportation environment.

Accurately and effectively guarantee the safety of urban vehicles

Automobile electronic signs based on RFID technology form a complete anti-cloning, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering, and anti-illegal reading security system to ensure that the unique correspondence between motor vehicles and automotive electronic signs can be used for fake decks and vehicle theft Such as vehicle detection and control of illegal vehicles, tracking and tracing of vehicle trajectory, dynamic control of regional traffic, and other vehicle-related public security management applications, improve vehicle recognizing ability, and accurately combat all kinds of vehicle-related illegal criminal activities. According to the feedback from ZTE’s completed projects, the automotive electronic signs have assisted local public security agencies to complete the detection of multiple car-related cases, effectively protecting the safety of urban vehicles.

Optimize industry-related car operation management

Automobile electronic identification based on RFID technology can realize the electronic levy inspection of various types of expenses such as urban taxi and other operating vehicle qualification management, bus signal priority management, and road and bridge fees. By reading the vehicle usage information stored in the automotive electronic identification, the traffic supervision department can implement targeted traffic operation management for vehicles with different uses such as buses, operating vehicles, school buses, etc., enhance the management of special vehicles, and create a healthy and orderly Urban transportation operating environment. At the same time, the automotive electronic identification system based on RFID technology can accurately check the vehicle payment information, realize the electronic collection and collection of vehicle-related expenses, and improve the collection rate of various vehicle-related expenses.

Comprehensively enhance the public travel experience

Automobile electronic identification based on RFID technology can realize comprehensive information services including road information release, public transportation information release, and intelligent transportation information release. Automobile electronic identification collects multi-dimensional urban traffic data through RFID technology, and releases it to the public in the form of traffic information and travel guidance through portals, mobile phone software, etc., so that travellers can obtain real-time and accurate information on road congestion, road conditions, etc. Reasonably arrange the itinerary, choose the appropriate means of transportation, enhance the public travel experience, promote the rational distribution of urban traffic flow, ease urban traffic congestion, and improve the efficiency of urban traffic.

Promoting value-added applications involving vehicles in multiple industries

Automobile electronic identification based on RFID technology can be operated together with insurance, banking and other industries, driving the development of a variety of car-related industries, such as expanding petrol, maintenance, repair and other small-scale car-related payment services, intelligent management of parking lots, traffic mandatory insurance, etc. Car insurance inspections, etc., to further enhance the electronicization of the city's car-related industry and promote the development of the city's car-related economy.

RFID technology has a variety of applications in urban transportation, including urban traffic supervision, vehicle environmental monitoring, vehicle safety assurance, vehicle industry management, public travel services and vehicle value-added applications, etc., enough to promote urban traffic supervision information It will improve the supervision of relevant departments on urban transportation, promote the orderly implementation of urban transportation safety, and create a satisfactory urban transportation atmosphere for the public, while also promoting the development of related car-related industries. With the continuous promotion of automotive electronic identification based on RFID technology, the role of RFID technology in urban transportation will become more important.



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