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How RFID technology will play its role in gas stations

How RFID technology will play its role in gas stations

With the popularization of automobiles, the operating load of gas stations has been rising. The management of gas stations is very important. How to make the work efficiency of gas stations become efficient has been constantly being explored and concerned. The application technology of RFID has many advantages such as non-contact, fast recognition, adjustable working distance, accurate collection and good environmental adaptability, which effectively improves the data entry method and improves the operation efficiency of gas stations. How will RFID play its role in gas stations?

The RFID reader is installed on the fuel dispenser to realize data communication with the fuel dispenser. The reader is connected to the network through TCP / IP or RS485 bus (or other data bus), and can also be used for communication and networking through wireless transmission network. The station data concentrator is connected to the management computer placed in the business hall of the gas station, and the management computer is installed with the RFID gas dispenser information management system software. Through this system software, the automatic fueling function can be realized, and each card can be completed with a card , The system recognizes the vehicles entering the gas station, and the vehicles matching the fuel card have the authority to refuel. To achieve one car and one card for refueling, the matching basically adopts one-to-one form, but allows one-to-many or designated single-card refueling through permission management.

An RFID electronic tag is installed on the motor vehicle. When the motor vehicle enters the gas station, it is recognized by the reader installed next to the fuel dispenser. The electronic tag information read by the RFID reader is sent to the background control room and control room of the gas station. Authorize the electronic tag for refueling and add it to the system database, which stores relevant information such as the license plate number of the refueling vehicle, driver information, entrance time, card balance, and pre-refueling amount. The fuel dispenser uses wireless mode to connect with the computer. Once the vehicle vehicle tag is authorized, the system can send a fuel amount data to the fuel dispenser in wireless mode. After confirmation, the fuel dispenser can perform fueling operation. The detailed information is transmitted to the PCU system in the tanker for display in the form of a list.

RFID tanker has many features such as reliable storage, display and automatic collection of business data:

RFID refueling function features: According to the quantitative increase and amount, non-quantitative refueling, etc., it can automatically calculate and accurately charge.

Tax control function characteristics: The encoder in the fuel dispenser should be able to correctly generate pulse signals, and the measurement data is transmitted to the monitoring microprocessor by the measurement microprocessor in a true, reliable, and safe manner. The tax control memory is also sent to the display screen of the fuel dispenser at the same time. When the above functions cannot be completed, the fuel dispenser should be able to be automatically locked, that is, the fuel dispenser cannot be carried out. It can correctly generate and save and safely transmit tax data such as the amount of oil, amount, and tax payable for each refueling. It can also print invoices according to the requirements of the tax department, and automatically generate and print tax report data.

Storage function characteristics: The electronic tags distributed with RFID fuel dispensers can read and write 10,000 business data, and the data can be stored for 10 years. Data storage format can use encryption technology. It has strong confidentiality and security to prevent man-made use of technical means to tamper with data. If the electronic tag is illegally operated several times, the electronic tag will be automatically locked.

Features of anti-spoofing function: The monitoring microprocessor in the computer control board should mutually verify with the encoder. When the mutual verification fails, the fuel dispenser should not work. The computer control board should be designed with a reliable sealing mechanism to prevent the computer control board from being replaced at will.

Features of control function: It can realize comprehensive monitoring and modern management of various aspects such as electronic label refueling, oil and gas recovery, taxation, measurement technical supervision, and consumer service industry management, and accelerate the process of information management.

Gas stations are widely distributed and the number is large, which brings some difficulties to related management. It is impossible to continuously and steadily improve the management of gas stations and improve the management level of gas stations by carrying out staged and temporary raids on gas stations. The application and implementation of RFID technology ensures the legality of fueling vehicles, improves the level of fuel management, and can eliminate oil leaks to a greater extent.



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