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How to apply RFID electronic tags to the bank cash box

How to apply RFID electronic tags to the bank cash box

With the rapid development of financial services, the transfer of cash boxes of bank money trucks has become an intelligent trend. Generally, a security escort company is used as a professional organization integrating cashbox security guard and escort. The traditional management used in the past no longer meets the requirements of high security, real-time, and full coverage of cashbox management, and requires modern technology integration. Through RFID technology, it is possible to realize the whole process, real-time, and automated management and monitoring of the entire business process, prevent the forgery of credentials caused by the influence of human factors, and ensure the safety and accuracy of tail box management. A smart bank cash box based on RFID electronic tags will change the traditional management method and automatically identify the smart bank cash box that collects RFID electronic tags.

Bank cash box transportation is a special type of transportation with extremely high safety requirements, and armed cash transport vehicles are used for armed escort. The transportation process is carried out in accordance with strict management regulations, and the bank cash box is checked, sealed, moved, loaded, and unpacked. RFID electronic tags provide a good technical means for bank cash drawer management. RFID electronic tags activate internal electronic chips through wireless radio frequency signals to read out the information stored in the chips, or through radio frequency signals, external The data is written into the memory inside the chip.

RFID electronic tags are divided into passive and active two categories. The so-called passive RFID electronic tags refer to RFID electronic tags that do not have their own battery power supply and rely on the excitation energy provided by the external radio frequency signal to work. Its advantages are low cost and structure. Simple, thin, easy to install; disadvantages are low wireless communication energy, short communication distance, poor communication quality; the so-called active RFID electronic tag refers to the RFID electronic tag that comes with battery power and relies on the battery energy to work, its advantages The wireless communication has high energy, long communication distance, good communication quality, and high communication reliability; the disadvantage is that it is more expensive and has a certain thickness.

Currently, bank cash drawers generally use passive RFID electronic tags for intelligent management. In some technical solutions, bank cash drawer locks are equipped with disposable RFID electronic tag ties, and fixed-frequency RFID electronic tags are installed on the cash drawer. The door-to-door collection staff scans the RFID tag information of the bank cash box that is handed over at the branch or merchant site; in the treasury management, a fixed reader is deployed at the key point of the bank cash box in and out of the warehouse to complete the automatic bank cash box in and out Recognition, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of human intervention in the circulation link, and providing guarantee for the safety of cash operations; in the treasury warehouse, the hand-held terminal is used to conveniently count the inventory bank cash boxes.

In order to make up for the shortcomings of passive RFID electronic tags, active RFID electronic tags are used in bank cash boxes, which can greatly improve the accuracy, reliability, and security of data reading and writing, and the reading distance is also longer. In order to make up for the wireless data of passive RFID electronic tags to be easily read and tampered with by external pseudo wireless base stations, active RFID electronic tags can encrypt data through channel encryption technology to improve the security of RFID electronic tags to prevent data theft, tampering, and misappropriation The incidence of hidden dangers. Through the frequency hopping communication of the multi-frequency RFID electronic tag, it can prevent the external pseudo wireless base station from detecting and scanning the main frequency of the communication, and further improve the security of the bank cash box data.

Through the financial tail box escort comprehensive RFID technology management information system, unified scheduling and monitoring, tail box warehouse management, bullet management, vehicle management, tail box handover management, logistics support management, business settlement management, alarm plan handling and other tasks will be realized. It effectively improves the security level of the RFID electronic tag communication of the bank cash box, and is suitable for industrial applications with high requirements such as the bank cash box, and has a very broad market prospect.



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