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​How to implement management of RFID technology in manipulator production framework

How to implement management of RFID technology in manipulator production framework

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the field of intelligent automation has become the focus of attention in various manufacturing fields. The market demand for intelligent production is constantly upgraded and diversified, and intelligent manipulators have also become one of the core constructions; production links with high risk factors are particularly important. RFID technology manipulator acquisition is fast and accurate. In the current trend of intelligent production and information integration, RFID technology greatly reduces the manpower input and improves the efficiency of management and control. How to implement management of RFID technology in the manipulator production framework.

There are more and more application fields of manipulators, especially those that cause harm to people, so the variety of manipulator parts has also begun to diversify, and the output has also increased. In the face of the variety and huge number of robot parts, the traditional production management method is to manually manage the production of robot parts. The key to the efficiency of the work lies with the employees. Then the employees are related to the robot parts during the work process. The speed and accuracy of information reading and identification will have a certain impact, and the final result is to affect work efficiency and even the quality of the robot parts. Facing the existing management situation of the manipulator, try to use automatic identification technology to improve the management situation of the manipulator parts.

RFID technology realizes automatic control and monitoring of products on the production line of robot parts, which will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of production, improve work efficiency, improve production methods, and save costs. RFID tags can conveniently and accurately record process information and process operation information on the production line of robot parts to meet the needs of flexible production. The record of the worker's job number, time, operation, and quality inspection results fully realizes the traceability of production, and can also avoid errors caused by handwriting and visual information in the production environment. Identify the model number on the assembly line by identifying the model information on the RFID tag to determine whether it is the model of the part to be assembled. If it is, put in the next process to wait for assembly. If it is not, filter it out.

At present, the warehouse management of robot parts is mainly based on the corresponding standardized manual operations and computer semi-automatic management. Its disadvantage is that it requires a lot of manpower to standardize the placement of items, regularly sort the inventory, and register the out/in storage. This makes the warehouse management of robot parts very cumbersome and wastes a lot of time, and the design of the warehouse management system of robot parts based on RFID technology is to realize the automation of the process of item entry/exit control, item storage location and quantity statistics, and information query, which is convenient The management personnel conduct statistics, inquiries and grasp the flow of materials.

An RFID electronic label is attached to each pallet in and out of the robot parts warehouse, and RFID readers are installed on the doors of the warehouse. Each warehouse administrator has an RFID handheld machine. In this way, before each batch of robot parts enters the warehouse, the warehouse administrator uses the RFID handheld to scan the RFID electronic tags of the robot parts on each tray and record the robot parts. When the robot parts of this tray enter the warehouse, the RFID reader at the door The information of the robot parts on the label will be directly read out and stored in the computer for recording. The information management system in the background will automatically generate records and accurately record where the robot parts are placed in the warehouse. When there is no need to ship, warehouse management personnel need to find them line by line.

If someone pushes the pallet out of the warehouse, the background system will immediately show that these robot parts have been out of the warehouse and automatically generate a time record. In this way, there will be no trouble of forgetting to enter the information into the computer due to the negligence of the warehouse management personnel. It is difficult to check the data after the problem occurs, and if the warehouse management personnel themselves will not operate the computer and will not be generated for information management problem.

The application of RFID technology will perfectly assist the storage management of robot parts and become a carrier of information collection. RFID technology makes the robotic arm more intelligent and more flexible, constantly optimizing the various operational links in the entire management, and reducing errors caused by many factors in the management process. Significantly save labor costs and improve work efficiency.



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