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Huang Zhang: the future Meizu phone will add NFC function

News posted on: 2018/8/15 5:58:52 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Huang Zhang: the future Meizu phone will add NFC function

Huang Zhang: the future Meizu phone will add NFC function

As the most important flagship product of Meizu this year, Meizu 16th has attracted wide attention of consumers since its release. The machine not only carries a high-pass dragon 845 processor, running memory up to 8GB, but also joins under-screen fingerprint identification, vibration unit mEngine also upgraded to 2.0, photographic performance has been significantly improved, can be said to be a standard bucket machine.       


However, no product can be perfect. Meizu 16th has not been able to escape the fate of being "Tucao", and the slot point is that it has no NFC. 

Recently, a Phantom friend from Hong Kong posted a question to the founder of Phantom Technology Huang Zhang: "Is the Phantom 16 Series on sale in Hong Kong, China?" Huang responded: "As long as Hong Kong users have demand, we will sell in Hong Kong, the main concern is that there is no NFC function.

NFC is the abbreviation of short distance wireless communication technology, and it is a short distance high frequency radio technology. It is a kind of "non-contact radio frequency identification" (RFID) and interconnect technology born out of wireless devices. NFC combines inductive card reader, inductive card and point to point function on a single chip. At present, there are mainly PRO 5, MX4 Pro, Meizu Note Telecom, MX3 32GB or more models in Meizu mobile phone which support NFC function, and there are not many terminals.  Although not equipped with NFC is a pity for Meizu, this year's Meizu 16 is a very cost-effective phone, with a Mirage 845 processor, 6 + 64G storage, UFS 2.1 flash, and screen fingerprint recognition.    


Before the general consensus is: the Meizu high level is not too optimistic, think that the application scenario of NFC is limited, the bus payment has the tendency of being replaced by Alipay and WeChat, and is suitable for trouble. For Meizu small factory, it is very difficult to negotiate with one family. Now that Old Huang has spoken, I believe it is not empty air, then the remaining suspense is which Meizu mobile phone will be the first to use the NFC. 


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