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ICBC Beijing Realized Intelligent Management Via Putting RFID tag

News posted on: 2018/11/14 1:54:53 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

ICBC Beijing Realized Intelligent Management Via Putting RFID tag

ICBC Beijing Realized Intelligent Management Via Putting RFID tag

Since this year, ICBC Beijing Branch has actively promoted the intelligent archives management system, which has effectively improved the standardization and meticulous management level of customer business archives.


Up to now, all 37 branches under the jurisdiction of the bank have realized the intelligent management of individual credit business files, involving more than 420,000 volumes of individual customer credit files, which further improves the level of customer service and business efficiency.


It is understood that the customer's personal credit business files contain the customer's identity information, credit information, credit business contracts, other mortgage warrants and other important information. 

In recent years, with the rapid development of personal credit business, the utilization rate of credit archives and the number of archives are growing at the same time. The efficiency of safe storage, collection, collation and utilization of archives needs to be further improved. Against this background, the Beijing branch of ICBC actively explores the intelligent management mode of innovative archives.

According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Branch of ICBC, the intelligent archives management is to paste an RFID tag for each archive entity through the platform of "Integrated Intelligent Archives Management System" of ICBC, relying on radio frequency identification technology, and to establish an "electronic identity" identification for each volume of archives through intelligent archives reading and writing equipment. The "Intelligent Reader and Writer of Archives" completes the verification of archives by volume, and the "Intelligent Workcart of Archives" completes the efficient access and storage of archives, realizing the life cycle management of business archives from collection, collation, transfer, examination, storage and utilization to appraisal and destruction.

When handing over and borrowing customer files, archivists must compare the second-generation ID card recognition with the preset database in the system and record facial information before they can operate. Intelligent archives management can not only reduce the human error, but also display the status of archives in the database in real time, so as to achieve more accurate and fast search and utilization.            

After realizing the intelligent management of customer credit archives, a large number of archives can be received quickly through the intelligent batch receiving equipment of archives. The receiving time of nearly 1,000 volumes of archives has been shortened from 2 hours of manual counting to less than 1 minute.

Because the whole process of archives utilization is electronic, when customers apply for release of loan, the release personnel can check the examination and approval of archives in real time, and the outlet nodes, and extract archives in time. They can go to the real estate registration service centers of each district to handle the cancellation of mortgage registration business for customers, effectively shorten the waiting time of customers'release, and provide customers with poles. Great convenience.

The person in charge said that the promotion of customer credit archives management intelligent system is not only the application of intelligent systems and equipment, but also the continuous innovation of traditional management mode.

In the next stage, ICBC Beijing Branch will further promote the intellectualized process of business archives management, realize the intellectualized management of various business archives, and escort the financial services. 


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