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Intelligent Access Control Helps Build Smart Health Care System, and Hospital Access Management Achieves Innovation and Upgrading.

News posted on: 2018/7/30 7:42:34 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Intelligent Access Control Helps Build Smart Health Care System, and Hospital Access Management Achieves Innovation and Upgrading.

Intelligent Access Control Helps Build Smart Health Care System, and Hospital Access Management Achieves Innovation and Upgrading.  

Health care is related to people's livelihood. The state has always attached great importance to and steadily promoted the construction of the medical system. With the rapid development of economy and technology, and the call of smart city, the construction of intelligent medical system arises at the historic moment.            

The security system is a very important part of the smart medical system, which will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for the access control market. Intelligent access control system combines automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures organically. With the development of electronic computer and network, medical information has been fully realized by computer management, which provides a good platform for the construction of intelligent access control system. The intelligent door control system provides a safe, smooth and accurate service to the complex medical institutions of the crowd. While strengthening the safety and security, it also makes the entrance guard "light up". Nowadays, access control system has gone beyond simple door and key control management, and has developed into a complete information intelligent access management system. 

Smart access control system solves the problem of security in medical institutions. 

With the frequent occurrence of doctor-patient disputes, the functional departments of the government require all medical institutions throughout the country to continuously strengthen the construction of the public security and prevention and control system, and carry out all weather monitoring in key areas such as out-patient rooms and wards through the security precautions such as civil defence, technical defense and introduction of high technology. An automatic alarm device is set up in the core parts of the medicine room, warehouse, finance room and engine room. This will not only greatly enhance the safety of personal property, but also significantly reduce profit and loss costs. Under the protection of the intelligent door control system, only the relevant personnel can be allowed to pass in the specified time period, and the video surveillance and video will be linked at any time. The management directly manages the system platform, isolates public activity area and controlled special area, so as to ensure medical order and safeguard patients' rights and interests. 

Subarea privilege management function to achieve safe, accurate and efficient traffic. 

In accordance with the function of the management area, the intelligent door control system can manage the different people, and limit the access of the relevant personnel at random. It can realize the intelligent management of hospital visits, medical safety and important regional security.     


Medical staff and patient management: intelligent access control system, on the one hand to meet the needs of modern hospital information management, and to meet the needs of patients, patients, relatives and friends and medical staff and other visitors, to achieve hospital access control, information intelligent attendance, visit, treatment management, improve work efficiency, and let people enjoy the work. It is also a trend of modern information and digital hospitals. The Intelligent Cloud card equipped by medical staff includes functions such as access control, attendance and dining. The patient's medical card is mainly used for access control, inquiring and payment. In view of the demand for intelligent security, a smart hospital card system based on mobile phone, two-dimensional code and one card is built, which provides a convenient, convenient, safe and humanized environment for medical staff and patients. Rationale system to realize the wisdom experience of diagnosis, treatment, work, study and life service. 

Visitor management: intelligent access control system solves the problem of "one size fits all" in traditional visiting management. It controls the access control through the authorized cloud of medical staff and ensures timely recuperation for patients. Visitors can register the identity information by WeChat or mobile APP in advance, and make an appointment for the information of the visitors. The medical and nursing staff can set the permission of the visitor to control the specific time and frequency; the system automatically sends two-dimensional code to the visitor's mobile phone, and the visitor passes the elevator in the hospital building with the two-dimensional code within the specified time period and the limited number of times. And other places, such as channels, related departments and other places. It also protects the privacy of patients during the process of treatment and examination. In addition, it is also necessary to prevent thieves from mixing in and stealing patients and hospital property. 

Infectious disease area, neonatal area isolation control: infectious disease area, newborn area as a special hospital area, strictly control the import and export of personnel, only the relevant authorized personnel can enter, prevent the spread of infectious diseases and cross infection, the occurrence of medical accidents and other malignant accidents. At the same time, the camera can be mobilized by intelligent cameras, and videos can be traced back to the scene after the accident. In the newborn area, the two dimensional code label and the guardians are used to verify the binding function of the baby, the mother and the medical staff. When the theft, wrong and other events occur, the medical staff and the mother can receive warning in time. The intelligent door control system starts the closed area entrance lock, and the non workers prohibit the entry and exit of the related areas. 

Multi system linkage and extensible function, automatic patrol tour. 

The hospital environment is complex, which requires that the security system can not be "single soldier". The entrance guard system needs the joint scheduling between the 110 alarm control subsystem, the fire alarm subsystem and the video monitoring subsystem. So that the integrity and security of the security system can be improved. The intelligent access control system has the function of coordinating and linking with other systems such as building automation, closed circuit monitoring, anti-theft and fire alarm.            

Fire fighting linkage: when the fire is a fire, the intelligent door control system automatically receives the fire signal and automatically opens the entrance guard in the control area according to the presupposition scheme so that the crowd can be evacuated in time. 

Video linkage: receiving abnormal alarm signal, intelligent door control system can automatically switch camera screen, video monitoring, video and capture of the parts needed to be monitored.Automatic patrol function: traditional patrols are difficult to monitor the whole hospital in a timely and effective way. The platform of intelligent access control system can connect the central control room equipment with each subsystem equipment, and realize the automation management of information integration of the whole system by the central control room, and can monitor and control the running state of each subsystem in real time. The administrators who have the authority can control the access points directly through the electronic map, assist the security patrol, understand the switch state of the various entrance points in real time, and realize the 24 hour monitoring and patrol in the hospital. 

Hospital parking management and parking space guidance system           

The intelligent entrance guard management system of hospital parking lot is mainly used to meet the control needs of temporary parking for patients and visits to family members, and the temporary parking service for doctors and patients for foreign patients, to improve the efficiency of vehicle circulation and to realize the orderly import and export of vehicles. In addition, intelligent parking time charge can enable some unrelated medical vehicles to leave the idle vehicles which occupy the parking spaces for a long time. In addition, as the social vehicles compete for the parking space with the medical and patient vehicles, there has been a lack of effective management means such as parking space guidance system and other effective management methods. The parking system can effectively alleviate the problem of hospital parking difficulties and provide convenience for the majority of patients. 


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