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New Trends in the Printing and Packaging Industry

News posted on: 2019/1/9 1:04:16 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

New Trends in the Printing and Packaging Industry

New Trends in the Printing and Packaging Industry

1. Packaging + VR

The application of AR augmented reality on smart packaging brings a brand new experience to the personalized marketing of goods. AR augmented reality is to superimpose computer-generated virtual objects, scenes or system prompt information into real scenes, thereby realizing the enhancement of reality and giving people the feeling of “immersive”. It is a brand-new human-computer interaction mode. A children's electric toothbrush box at the show attracted a large number of visitors to take out the mobile phone experience. This smart package uses AR technology to open the app and scan it, and you can have cool animations superimposed on the real picture. You can also use the screen to understand the usage and precautions of the toothbrush. The fun of AR makes the brand value of this children's product maximized. Perhaps the AR technology will be added to the packaging on the future. Through the AR, you can understand the usage scenarios of the products, precautions, etc.

2.Packaging + RFID chip

FID chip sensing is also a relatively mature application of smart packaging. An RFID chip is attached to the cover of a package. When the product passes through the sensing area, it can be detected by batch sensing, and the automatic collection of background data is completed. Not long ago, the "unmanned supermarket" that was popular in the Internet was to realize the unmanned sales by adding an RFID chip to the package of goods to sense and start the background payment program. Of course, RFID can also be intelligently produced in production and manufacturing, and information flow control of materials!

3.Packaging + QR code

QR code has become a part of our lives. Adding a QR code to the smart package, the consumer can easily identify the authenticity of the product, no longer have to worry about buying fakes! At the same time, the merchant can collect data such as the user's geographical location and consumer behavior. . Of course, you can also use the QR code to introduce the source of the product and the whole process, so that the buyer can understand the whole process of the product from birth to the customer!

Smart packaging is not limited to fashion and security-only products. Adding intelligent information to the outer packaging to realize the connection between the physical and the net is the value that technology is constantly being given.

Perhaps there are two trends in the future packaging, small batch, intelligent, whether from the production point of view, or from the point of view of use, are the points we should pay attention to!


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