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RFID Antenna Development Trend

News posted on: 2018/12/11 3:38:42 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID Antenna Development Trend

RFID Antenna Development Trend

Conductive ink and RFID printed antenna technology

The use of conductive ink to make RFID printed antennas has high requirements for the process. For the conductive ink itself, it should have characteristics such as strong adhesion, low resistivity, low curing temperature, and stable electrical conductivity to meet the functional requirements of the RFID antenna.

New graphene NFC antenna technology

Graphene, as a material combining many excellent properties, has a good market prospect and has become the focus of innovation and development strategies in various countries in the world. However, in terms of flexible NFC antenna manufacturing, its application value can not be underestimated. In December 2016, researchers designed and manufactured a flexible NFC antenna made of graphene material.

Change direction of RFID tag antenna manufacturing process

With the rapid development of RFID technology, the development of RFID tag antennas has also been promoted, and RFID tag antennas have become more and more diversified. At present, electronic tag antennas are mainly oriented towards green, anti-counterfeiting, anti-forgery, and anti-counterfeit materials. Development, and other low-cost advantages become more obvious.

Green and environmental protection

The antenna is printed directly on the various materials using special inks, which are then bound to the chip. The chip within the RFID tag may have globally unique coded information that can only be read and written by an authorized manufacturer. The globally unique code information in the tag can represent the uniqueness of the product. The globally unique code information in the tag is sent to the merchant server via the network for verification, and the uniqueness of the product can be determined. If the product label is damaged, the information cannot be read. This also means that the information cannot be copied and completely eliminates the possibility of electronic label transfer.

By etching the aluminum brittle antenna, the wire is smooth and the performance is superior. When the label is affixed to a flat surface such as a glass, bottle, table, etc., it is peeled off, and the material is broken irregularly and cannot be completely lifted to destroy the label. The effect of making the label difficult to be used again. And using a special glue system, can effectively prevent the transfer of the second heating, so that the real sense of the electronic tag anti-counterfeiting. It is more environmentally friendly and easy to tear to prevent reuse and lower production costs.

RFID Antenna Development Trend


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