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RFID Cold chain with whole temperature recording

News posted on: 2018/7/17 2:19:27 - by Helen - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID Cold chain with whole temperature recording

RFID Cold chain with whole temperature recording

System application summary

RFID Cold chain with whole temperature recording

The RFID temperature monitoring label is put into the product package or the container. The temperature change of the product is recorded in the RFID label and uploaded to the data center through different communication methods until the customer receives the product. The customer and the related unit can obtain the temperature records of the related products through the data center query system.

Information standardization of temperature record

Based on the IT technology, the product and the information related to the product are orderly combined, and the data is information-based and standardized.

Information, standardized data can be used by different systems, improve system business, maximize the use of enterprises (such as: query, statistics... ).

RFID cold chain temperature monitoring solution should be transported and biochemical.

In the process of transporting temperature sensitive articles (biological products), the RFID temperature monitor is placed in the goods packaging or containers. The monitor records the measured temperature periodically according to the system's predetermined time interval, and sends the temperature data to the reader and writer installed in the warehouse, the distribution center and other nodes. The reader will upload the data to the data center for storage and processing. The whole process, real-time monitoring and early warning of cold chain temperature can be realized. At the same time, we provide consumers with convenient means of inquiry, and release the safety traceability information to the public.

Instant query temperature record

Through the system platform, the temperature record data of the products can be obtained at once.

Temperature records are displayed in different forms, such as form, graphics, and so on, which are more intuitive and easy to understand.


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