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RFID student attendance management technology makes school management more convenient

RFID student attendance management technology makes school management more convenient

With the continuous growth of educational investment and the continuous expansion of the scale of colleges and universities, the number of students that follow is also increasing. How to conduct student management scientifically and efficiently has also become one of the construction of universities. Informatization of teaching management and student management in universities has been gradually improved. RFID college student attendance management technology has brought great convenience to the study, life, management, and office of college teachers and students. RFID student attendance management technology makes school management more convenient.

To ensure the security of each student's class hours, attendance management is an important part of ensuring the quality of teaching, and student attendance records are also an important basis and embodiment for evaluating students' usual performance. Attendance management of students in most colleges and universities is no longer done by traditional teacher roll-calling and manual entry. As a result, the workload of personnel has increased. With the expansion of the scale of colleges and universities, for some basic courses and professional basic courses, the number of students in the teaching class is generally more than 100. So if the statistics are performed manually, a lot of time will be greatly wasted.

Traditional attendance management is time-consuming, laborious, inefficient, and information is not timely, which can no longer meet the management requirements of modern universities. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a student attendance management system based on the campus network to automatically collect student attendance information through RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to avoid teachers taking up class time by name-calling, and improve teaching efficiency; improve the convenience of students applying for leave through online leave and approval methods And the efficiency of administrative approval. Students, teachers and teaching management departments share attendance information through the campus network to increase the transparency of information and improve the management quality of management departments.

RFID college student attendance management technology can quickly complete student attendance management.

(1) Student information management. Maintain basic information such as student number, name, class, etc. It is mainly used to identify students and check whether they are qualified for attendance. Only students who meet the list can attend attendance.

(2) Teaching class management. Maintain the teaching class information. Including the class number, list of elective students, course number, course name, class time, classroom, etc. These information is an important basis for collecting attendance information.

(3) Label information registration. The registration and maintenance of student information on the electronic label is consistent with the information in the student database.

(4) Reader configuration. Set the reader's number, location, IP address and other information.

(5) Attendance information collection and processing. The reader automatically reads the EPC information in the student's electronic tag, transmits the signal to the ONS system, and at the same time locates the RFID holder, determines its IP address, and checks it with the classroom IP address stored in the database. After the check is correct, Then compare with the class time and the list of class students, only students who meet the above three conditions at the same time can take normal attendance. For the correct students, the attendance time will be automatically recorded, and the students will be judged whether they are late or absent from class according to the student's leave status. After the above judgment processing, the student's current attendance will be recorded in the attendance database. For individual students who may carry someone else’s IC card to deceive the attendance system at the same time, the teacher can count the number of students immediately. If it does not match the number counted by the system, it means that there is invalid student information, which should be pointed out and rechecked.

(6) Application for leave. Students fill out the leave application form online and wait for the approval of the management department. They can also check the leave approval status at any time.

(7) Leave approval. Department leaders and management departments can conduct online approval for students' leave applications. The approved leave application is recorded in the attendance database.

(8) Attendance information query: Students can query the attendance of their courses. Teachers can check the attendance of the teaching class.

(9) Attendance statistics. The teaching management department can count the attendance of a certain course, count the attendance of students by department or class, and count the attendance of a certain teacher.

(10) Attendance score calculation. Teachers can set the scores of attendance in the course general evaluation according to their needs, and the system will automatically calculate the attendance scores of each student based on the student's attendance.

(11) Serious absence warning. The teaching management department can set a severe absence threshold. Students whose absence exceeds a certain level will be entered into the severe absence warning list. The system will notify the severely absent students themselves, the class teacher or counselor and the teaching management department in the form of text messages, or notify the students by email Parents, it is convenient to supervise and warn students.

In order to realize the automatic collection and information sharing of student attendance data, RFID radio frequency identification technology is used to automatically, real-time and accurately collect and statistics the attendance management of college students, and transmit and share it through the campus network, which is conducive to student attendance information Query and statistics and analysis. Let the students' class time be fully guaranteed!



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