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RFID technology promotes the military management of strategic materials

RFID technology promotes the military management of strategic materials

The rapid development of RFID wireless radio frequency technology has been maturely used in various fields. Due to RFID non-contact automatic acquisition and identification, it can be adapted to be used in various complex environments. The RFID force material management will be a combination of technology and militarization, which will effectively manage various types of materials such as military weapons, firearms, and combat readiness. RFID technology promotes the military management of military strategic materials!

The army's material management system mainly manages the three major types of materials in the army.

1. War preparation materials: including firearms and ammunition, war preparation vehicles, various artillery and other war preparation materials, management includes: daily maintenance management, maintenance record management, use situation management, life cycle management and other functions

2. Office supplies: including office chairs, office computers, printers, various network information equipment (routing, switching, servers), etc., and records in the management system, all office supplies provider information, warranty information, daily maintenance information, The maintenance record information, life cycle information and other information, the system will manage all kinds of information of office supplies.

3. Training materials: Manage the materials used in troop training or daily training, such as guns, knives, clothing, electronic equipment and other materials used in training, to ensure that training materials can be planned and put into storage in real time.

Deploy the RFID access control system and the RFID access equipment in the warehouse of combat readiness training materials. When you need materials in advance, you must apply to the combat readiness material administrator (the combat readiness material administrator has access to the access control system). All combat readiness materials are embedded RFID electronic tags, and recorded in the system the combat readiness information corresponding to the tags. At the same time, each person who enters the warehouse to extract strategic materials is equipped with an RFID card with their identity information. After extracting materials, the system will pass through the RFID channel. Obtaining the personnel information and the material information mentioned by the system, the system will associate the material and personnel information with the record, the system will prompt the borrowing success, when returning the material, when passing the RFID channel, the system will also record the relevant information of the personnel and material return In order to ensure that materials can be put into the warehouse in time, the material management personnel check the material situation through the handheld terminal RFID device, and record the inspection information into the system, which is convenient for the daily maintenance and management of the material.

For the management of office materials, all office materials are pasted with RFID electronic tags, which record all the information of the office materials. The management personnel regularly obtain the information of the office materials through the RFID handheld terminal, and summarize the collected information in the system. The system will manage the information of the material.

RFID technology can effectively collect and identify various materials automatically, not only for the management of combat readiness materials, but also for the management of other property materials in the military, personnel authority management, material life cycle management, maintenance reminders, etc. The function provides a favorable guarantee for the management of many materials in the army.



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