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What Benefits can PDA Bring to the Logistics Industry?

News posted on: 2018/7/25 2:05:52 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

What Benefits can PDA Bring to the Logistics Industry?

What Benefits can PDA Bring to the Logistics Industry? 

Today, with the rapid development of logistics, the intensity of competition in logistics and express industry is self-evident. The logistics express enterprise must improve its information level, manage and monitor the business comprehensively, so as to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, meet the needs of the customer and better serve the customer. Logistics is one of the largest application industries of PDA handset. PDA handset has covered the logistics industry to the greatest extent, and has helped the logistics industry achieve high degree of informatization.


In the traditional logistics management, a large number of personnel costs are needed, and it is easy to make mistakes in updating and transferring orders information. The integrated logistics information processing platform constructed by PDA handset, bar code technology, GPRS and RFID technology will automatically read and input information system. It provides a fast and accurate data acquisition and input method for logistics enterprises. PDA handset realizes the whole course of logistics tracking, quickly and accurately grasp the information flow and capital flow in the flow process, reduce the overall operation cost of the enterprise, reduce the error of transmission and transfer, and closely track the business process. 

PDA handset is a professional manager in the management of logistics outgoing and warehousing.   

By setting exclusive bar code or electronic label for each packing box, the information of the label is scanned quickly through the RFID handset, and one key operates the state of the library and the library, which is out of the library and the data record two. It not only avoids the problems of low efficiency and error caused by manual recording, but also can carry out mobile operation quickly. 


PDA handset can track and manage order information in real time.

Through data collection, we integrate the shipping, out of warehouse, inspection and inventory into a whole, and use the handheld machine to scan and read the label information of the order in the process of transportation, and update its state by one key, so as to realize the timely updating and tracking management of order information. Order information is clear at a glance, meeting customer needs, while simplifying the business order information record process.

XMINNOV Integrated Handset FIND ID focuses on bar code scanning and wireless communication. It has comfortable grip, durable and stable performance. In view of the high strength application in the field and the application of part of the field, it can withstand the bar code scanning of more than ten thousand times a day. It can be fully applied to a variety of harsh environments, such as the stereo library, the sorting center, the logistics center, the workshop, the storage supply chain, the port wharf and the cold chain. XMINNOV integrated handset, so that the warehouse thousands of goods in good order, better warehouse, transfer warehouse. At the same time, it solves the problems of cargo search, heavy load of cargo collection and hand fatigue of handheld mobile devices in the process of logistics transportation. 


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