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2.4G Active Omni reader Directional RFID Reader
2.4G Active Omni reader Directional RFID Reader
  • The communication distance is long, the recognition sensitivity is high, and the power and receiving sensitivity are adjustable;

  • Strong anti-collision ability, can identify more than 1000 labels at a time;

  • The recognition speed is fast, and the mobile tag within 200km/h can be identified;

  • Support tag data filtering, clock stamping and input and output functions;

  • Support online upgrade, rich communication interface, can be customized according to user needs

  • 2.45G Active Omni Reader (or with a directional antenna Active Reader

  • Model No: 2411C

  • RF chip: nRF wireless product line

  • Operating frequency: 2400MHz~2500MHz

  • RF connector: SMA-F

  • Output power: -18dBm~0dBm

  • Receive sensitivity: -90dBm

  • Decay: 0~31dB

  • Recognition distance: Depending on the antenna, such as an external 2dBi omni antenna or 6dbi directional antenna, the recognition distance is 10~60m, upto 200m

  • Anti-collision type: Identify more than 1000 labels at a time

  • Input and output: 1 input, 2 output

  • Communication interface: RS-232, RS-485, Wiegand26, RJ45

  • Power supply: DC+9V (with power adapter),

  • Status alert: Buzzer and LED

  • Dimensions: 126mm 104mm 28mm

  • Weight: 0.25 Kg

  • Working temperature: -20C~+70C

warehouse handheld reader
Value Added/Features
  • A high-performance, multi-frequency and scalable split 2.4GHz active reader with high sensitivity, long reading distance, and strong anti-collision performance. It has reliable network adaptability and supports online upgrade.

  • 2.4G Active Omni reader Directional RFID Reader is widely used in Vehicle management,asset Management,Personnel management,Production line management,Logistics and traceability management,Anti-counterfeiting tracking management,Mine management,Electric vehicle anti-theft management,Location management

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