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On Metal ABS Tag
Strong Magnetic ABS Anti-metal Electronic Tag
Strong Magnetic ABS Anti-metal Electronic Tag
  • Metal based Asset Items Identify and Inventory

  • Long reading range of ABS Anti-metal Electronic Tag

  •  ISO 18000-6C GEN2 Class 1 compatible chip R6

  • Color & Serial No Printable On Metal Use RFID label

  • Soft & Strong Strength Patented Adhesive

  • High Gain Foam Material buildin to resistance of metal

  • Wide Band 860-960Mhz Of Operation Frequency

  • Strong Magnetic ABS Anti-metal Electronic Tag

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Antenna material: anti-metal material: copper + gold

  • Product size: 121*51*9MM

  • Working frequency: 860MHZ960MHZ

  • Standard agreement: ISO 18000-6C GEN2 Class1

  • RF chip: M4QT

  • Number of magnets: 1-6 magnets can be placed inside.

  • Operating Temperature : -15桫65

  • Reading and Writing Distance: According to the actual use, the air 1W handheld is about 2 meters, 1W fixed reader is more than 4 meters, or more.Resistant to different installation environments.

  • Product Feature: Destructive IP Level, Waterproof, UV IR rays resistant, heat or temperature resistant and chemical resistant

Strong Magnetic ABS Anti-metal Electronic Tag
Value Added/Features
  • The chip can be read and written more than 100,000 times, and the service life can reach 10 years.

  • Small and durable for heavy industry and outdoor applications.

  • Survives long term use in harsh outdoor environments.

  • Suited for industrial asset management and equipment rental applications.

  • The on metal RFID tags overcome some of the problems traditional RFID tags suffer when near metal, such as detuning and reflecting of the RFID signal, which can cause poor tag read range, phantom reads, or no read signal at all.

  • The magnetic ABS Anti-metal Electronic Tag is easy to attach and easy to recycle. It is suitable for data acquisition in industrial production processes, greatly improving the convenience of data collection in the production process, and significantly reducing the collection cost; for example, large-scale construction process management, injection molding of cement preforms Management, etc.

  • Assets warehouse management: The tags are installed on the pallets to record the inbound and outbound data of the forklift pallets of the forklift, and realize the processing and query statistics of data such as storage, delivery, and inventory.

  • Production tracking management: The label can be fixed to the pallet, the production data and production process can be tracked and managed, and the production data and processes of the products contained in the pallet can be tracked throughout the production process for tracking the product life cycle.

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