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Active Sensor Tag
TU03 UHF LED Light Buzzer Beeper RFID Reminder Tag
TU03 UHF LED Light Buzzer Beeper RFID Reminder Tag
  • Reduces inventory handling costs

  • Helps to reduce out-of-stocks and improve inventory turns

  • Asset tracking and yard management

  • Optimized space utilization, and a highly productive workforce

  • LED light indicating for sucessful or failed track

  • With additional LED light Buzzer indicator function from the universal UHF tag, Widely used for locating objects quickly

  • Item Finding & Locate Support Individual or group finding by any number from EPC/TID/User/Secure Bank

  • TU03 UHF LED Light Buzzer Beeper RFID Reminder Tag

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Antenna Size: 131X31.5mm

  • Tag Size: 135.5X37X15.6mm or customized

  • Weight: 36g

  • Substrate Material: PCB     

  • Antenna Material: Copper Etching   

  • Surface Material: ABS Encapsulation (Option: Logo & Printing)  

  • Characteristics: ABS tagGreen, White, Black, Blue Optional

  • Operating Frequency: 840MHZ960MHZ      

  • Protocol: EPC Gen2v2 and ISO/IEC 29167-10  

  • Chip IC: NMV2D CAB0/CAB1  

  • Read and write range : Up to 12 meters (related to the actual environment)

  • Replacement Battery Life : 3 years+ (Depends on operation also)

  • Personalized Coding : Support Associated with inside and outside code data structure

  • Product Attribute : LED Flash light & Buzzer Beeper / Items Discover LED

Value Added/Features
  • UHF LED Buzzer Remind Tag based on TID UID EPC specified numbers for inventory check, it reduce labor cost 80% more than human operation, improved track efficiency, track capacity and track accuracy.

  • Prevent mistaken & repeated operation take out/put back items from warehouse, pallets, Especially prevent risky and damages during lift up/ lift down some goods that you are looking for.

  • TU03 UHF LED Buzzer Remind Tag active response to the inventory reader with LED lighting indicator and buzzer beep.

TU03 UHF LED Light Buzzer Beeper RFID Reminder Tag.jpg

  • When the warehouse the goods too much, speaking, reading and writing as long as use the sweep label will emit light and beep, can accurately locate the location of the required items

  • Continually monitor the warehousing and storage of raw material,components and finished products real time.

  • Especially in used for warehouse item position, good shelf & pallets locate, clothes & caps finding, library book searching, documents seeking and so on application, Easy Item Discover.

  • Active Radio Frequency Identification is that in which the power source in the tag and includes technologies that helps in real-time tracking of tags. It consists of battery for the power supply to store and transmit data. Active RFID are mostly used as beacons that helps in tracking real time locations and has a high speed. As Active RFID is considered as one of the best technology and has brought many advancements in technology for various applications and due to its long tag detection range and it has the ability to transmit continuously on its own. 

  • The rising demand of new technologies and the rise of many electronic gadget with high speed is increasing day by day and this active RFID market is mainly focused on the recent developments in the technology which has led to the growth of the Active RFID market. America is considered to be the most prominent and leading market for the growth of this market which is followed by Europe, Middle East and Africa and further followed by the APAC region.

  • The report Active RFID market is segmented into By Type, By Frequency, By Generation, By Tag Type, By End-user and By Geography. On the basis of type it includes Tags, Readers, Software and Middleware and Services. On the Frequency type it includes Low Frequency, High Frequency, Ultra high frequency and others. On the basis of generation it includes First Generation Active Tags, Second Generation Active Tags and Third Generation Active Tags. Based on the tag type it includes Card, Implant, Key Fob and others. On the basis of end-user it includes Retail and Consumer Goods, Transportation, Logistics, Healthcare and others. The report is further segmented on the basis of geographic regions and includes Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and RoW.

  • Sample companies profiled in this report are:Alien Technology,Avery Dennison,CAEN RFID,Checkpoint Systems,10+

  • TU03 UHF LED Buzzer Remind Tag competitive landscape for each of the product types is highlighted and market players are profiled with attributes of company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolio and recent developments.

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