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Animal Tag
RFID Animal Ear Tags For Livestock Tracking Identifying Management
RFID Animal Ear Tags For Livestock Tracking Identifying Management
  • Animal identification, counting Feeding & Tracking function

  • Animal Ear tag management with fast efficiency.

  • RFID Animal Ear Tags for cattle,dog and so on animals

  • UHF long reading maintenance source tracking

  • Asset trace,zoo transportation,RFID tag for zoo park management 

  • RFID cattle cow label for farm management 

  • Easy to use in animal breeding, slaughtering, and to provide effective solutions for the management of food safety and breeding stock.

  • RFID Animal Ear Tags For Livestock Tracking Identifying Management

  • Material:TPU

  • Colour:Yellowcolor can be customized

  • Specification:female tag:30*16.5mminner diameter 10mm male tag:30*23mm/33*14mminner diameter 9mm male tag:30*23mm/30*12mminner diameter 7.32mm male tag:30*25mm

  • Protocol:ISO 11784/85/ISO 15693/FDX-A/FDX-B/HDX

  • Operating temperature:-20~70

  • Working frequency:125KHz/134.2KHz/13.56MHz

  • Chips:TK4100/EM4305/T5577/I CODE SLIX

  • Reading distance:0.1-45cmrelated to card reader equipment

  • Apply to:Animal husbandry tracking and management, data statistics, automatic feeding, behavior management, such as cattle, sheep, pigs and other livestock. The label can be installed on the animal ear tag by using a special animal ear clipper or the like during installation.

Value Added Features
  • RFID Animal Ear Tag is an electronic device dedicated to animal identification and electronic management. It is an electronic ID card that can be automatically recognized by animals. People can easily identify each animal individual through various types of special readers. . In this way, many animal research, breeding, management, investigations, etc., such as individual screening, data statistics, whereabouts control, automatic breeding, behavior management, etc., have automated and informatized technical means, and the ability to track and manage animals. Will be greatly improved.

  • RFID Animal Ear Tags can record the ear number of each animal together with its variety, source, production performance, immune status, health status, owner and other information. Once the epidemic and animal product quality problems occur, it can be traced (tracked back). Its source, clear responsibility, and plug the loopholes.

  • Surface laser etched number mark

  • Low application rate loss rate

  • RFID Animal Ear Tags can conveniently record the information of each cow, can trace its feed, epidemic prevention and injection, slaughter and processing, testing, logistics and transportation, supermarket shelves, etc., and even the basic data of the mother, father, and farmer of the cow has detailed information. recording.

  • RFID Animal Ear Tags can help farmers system to record the milk production of these cows, and quickly and easily grasp the production capacity of their own ranches.

  • Identification of large and medium livestock or animals, such as cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer and so on. Applied to the field of information management breeding population, epidemic prevention, food traceability, meat inspection and other animals and livestock.