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  • HF RFID Seal Cable Tie Tag Cable Tie Tag
HF RFID Seal Cable Tie Tag Cable Tie Tag

HF RFID Seal Cable Tie Tag Cable Tie Tag

    • Easy to fasten & identify, tamper evident based

    • Once locked the structure, can't be used again.

    • Mainly used in a wide variety of applications.

    • They are effective for Logistics management, Asset tracking, Container seals, Electric/Water Meter management,Storage bins, Pallet management,etc.

    • A highly secure,high tech alternative to conventional padlocks, that combines long-range RFID-reading performance for Supply Chain solution.

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  • HF RFID Seal Cable Tie TagUHF can be customized

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Material: engineering materials ABS + steel steel core

  • Chip: NTAG 213

  • Frequency: 13.56MHz

  • Agreement: ISO 14443A

  • Memory: 1024 bit

  • Label size: 36*26*12.5mm, steel wire length 280mm steel wire diameter 1.8mm (length can be customized according to customer requirements), the length of the seal can be adjusted.

  • Pull force: F3000N

  • Reading and writing distance: 0-4M or so (reading and writing distance is related to the reader)

  • Working temperature: (-40~100) C

  • Color: red, white, black, yellow, blue (other colors can be customized)

  • Usage: The metal lock body adopts the steel ball diagonal pull structure. The seal can be directly pierced and pulled. The seal is a one-time seal. After pulling, it will leave traces. Each strip has an independent serial number, which is safe and secure. Easy to lock, can not be used again after using it once.

  • Application areas: logistics, warehousing, valuables, dangerous goods management, network wiring, finance, department stores, power, petrochemical, shipping, horticulture and other industries for security purposes.

  • Surface treatment: The surface can be affixed to the customer's needs or screen printed on the unit, date, serial number, barcode and other personalized content.

Cable Seal Tie Tag
Value Added Services
  • Multi-tag identification, high recognition sensitivity, fast speed, unique match code

  • Cable Ties Tag with integrated NFC tags, completely waterproof, dustproof, and very resistant. Once inserted the tongue inside the jack, it can no longer be released, but only tightened further.

  • Cable Seal Tie Tag has an unique TID UID EPC number in the world from production line.

  • Cable Seal Tie Tag can provide clearance service quickly.

  • Cable Seal Tie Tag can't be copied. Every RFID Seal has unique ID from the world.

  • The seal also enables offline tamper verification.

  • Cable Seal Tie Tag can provide more security. Use only once.

  • Tamper Detection Cable Seal Tie Tag can substitute tradition seal.

  • Using passive UHF Tamper Detection will provide low cost and high level security service.

  • Identifying the packaging also in order to prevent people open container without notice

  • Tie tag can be delivered pre-printed with customer logo , barcode and human readable data serial no and etc.

  • Electronic container seal protection suitable nice for logitics & transportation

  • Check On Breakseal protection option, widely used in sea cargo, air-cargo container,one time seal, prevent goods stealling issue.

  • Cabinet Document Cylinder Box Packaging for open notification

  • Security Check Verification during shipment

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