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  • RFID tamper evident security ticket label Consumables Label
RFID tamper evident security ticket label Consumables Label

RFID tamper evident security ticket label Consumables Label

    • RFID technology is not limited by product size and shape, and can be applied to different products and consumables.

    • Anti-counterfeiting traceability management of high-value consumable products

    • Quality & brand both protection origin authentication

    • Ensure Original Ribbon To Be Used & matched with printer

    • Prevent Compatible Ribbon tamper attempts by counterfeiter

    • 13.56Mhz ISO14443A Protocol Printer Warranty NFC seal

    • Near Field Communication One Time Use Tag Solution

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  • RFID tamper evident security ticket label

  • Frequency : HF frequency 13.56 MHZ

  • Standards : ISO/IEC 14443A ( mifare classic /ultralight )

  • ISO/IEC 15693, Felica ( without encryption), ISO /IEC 18092 ( NFCIP-1)

  • NFC models : support P-P mode ( passive initiator mode ) and card emulation mode.

  • Smartphone connectivity : Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR

  • Power supply: Aluminum Battery Buildin

  • Comfortable to any kind of TV, Smartphone, GPS, Media Player with Android operation system

  • Product Property: Optional of Tamper proof, Brittle antenna, Destructive aluminum etching, Fragile copper etching, Ink of silver Printing antenna based

  • Product Feature: Function of Non-transfer, Fragile,Tamper Evident, Anti-counterfeiting, non-transferable,break on antenna, break on chip,one time use,  Disposable, Destructive IP Level, Waterproof, UV IR rays resistant, heat or temperature resistant and chemical resistant

RFID tamper evident security ticket label

Value Added Services
  • The RFID tag has a unique UID and a large capacity user data area, and has an independent management key for traceability of the consumables and proper search for a specific provider. When the product fails, it can also quickly find after-sales service.

  • RFID Consumables label enabling retailers to improve the speed and precision of receiving, matching, restocking and cycle counts.

  • The application, procurement, acceptance, collection, use, and scrapping process of each consumable can be recorded and queried in the background.

  • Compared with traditional barcode technology, RFID can save more time, manpower and material resources, reduce production costs and improve work efficiency.

  • We often encounter counterfeit and shoddy products in our lives, such as clothes, shoes, digital products, etc. These fakes generally do not endanger our life and health, but some fakes will pose a serious threat to our lives. For example, medical reagents, water purifier filter and other consumables. Due to the high price and the high profit margin of these fake materials, these consumables are also easy to attract criminals to falsify and use RFID tags to realize the anti-counterfeiting management of consumables.

  • Asset Tracking:RFID can dramatically improve visibility, control and management of your returnable transport items (RTIs) enabling you to maximise their utilisation and minimise asset pool investment.

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