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Bluetooth reader
Double Frequency RFID Bluetooth Reader
Double Frequency RFID Bluetooth Reader
  • Inventory, Intelligent Tour Appliances,Electronic Logistics Query

  • Intelligent Electronic Petrol, ETC system Highway

  • Verifying Authenticity,Security System

  • Simple Tracking For Goods Sale,Maintenance,Warranty Purpose

  • Double frequency rfid bluetooth reader

  • This blue reader support UHF and HF protocols in one organic whole, extensible NFC mobile payment

  • function, can be connected with smart phone, platform computer etc smart mobile device , with features of small beauty, fashion and elegant shape.

  • Areas applications: anti-counterfeiting traceability, mobile payment, resource inventory, IC card etc

  • Blue reader can be read and written, protocol compatible with ISO 18000-6c & EPC C1G2. Reading distance  take 9640 wet inlay as an example 0.5 m.

  • HF RFID read and write function, extensible NFC payment .

  • Blue reader with 500 mA battery, continuous work for more than 1 hour.

  • Bluetooth function can be connected with smart phone ,platform etc devices.

  • Bluetooth reader size 50*110*5.8 mm

  • With functions of power light, function and indication light

  • With power switch button and function button.

  • Mini USB charging interface.

RFID Reader Model Description
  • B: Bluetooth

  • T: Tag

  • U: Ultra High Frequency(UHF)

  • H: High Frequency

  • KB: KeyBoard Simulator

  • PB: Palm Keyboard

Value Added Services
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface

  • no need to key-in barcode data manually,

  • reduces input errors, speeds up operation,

  • application switching is not necessary,

  • works with each 3rd party app,

  • works completely transparent to manual user input,

  • control keys for automated cursor movements (or simulated TAB keys) are supported

  • It is easy to carry with smart terminals such as mobile phones, and is very suitable for application management such as member management, traceability management, product anti-counterfeiting, and equipment asset management.

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