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Cable Tie Tag
RFID Tamper proof cable tie tag
RFID Tamper proof cable tie tag
  • Easy to fasten & identify, tamper evident based

  • Waterproof,Durable,Highly visible,Anti-corrosion

  • One-time use Seal Cable basing on UHF 860-960Mhz

  • Various customization options(color,dimension,printing logo/unmber,encoding)

  • The data could be read stably and it is convenience to use

  • The RFID seal tag would not be affected by the strapping material objects

  • It is not only heat resistant, but also moisture- proof.

  • RFID Tamper proof cable tie tag

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Frequency: 13.56MHz, 860-960MHz

  • Optional chips: S50/S70, Ultralight EV1/Ultralight C, NTAG213/216, I CODE SLIX, FM1108, Alien H3, impinjM4D/M4E/M4QT/M5

  • Packaging material: ABS + nylon

  • Label size: 68.1*24*3.4mm

  • Supported Protocol:  ISO18000-6C GEN2 Class 1/ISO 15693/ISO 14443A

  • Memory : EPC:96 bit to 496 bit,User:128bit

  • Operating Mode : Inventory,Read or Write   

  • Operating Temperature: -25~75 

  • Storage Temperature :  0~25

  • Widely used for the tracking of fowl, food, container seals and express parcels, the classification of electricity power lines, the management of telecommunication line, guardianship, etc.

cable tie tag
Value Added Services
  • Lightweight, easy to install, detachable, waterproof, high temperature resistant, high security, universal for both indoor and outdoor

  • The UHF High Performance Cable Tie RFID Tag  is an ideal tag for securing and tracking industrial containers, bags, storage and lockable containers.

  • This RFID cable tie tag ensuring quick and easy tracking of multiple assets. 

  • Able to withstand rugged outdoor use, the thermoplastic elastomer encased tag allows for repeated bending and impact resistance without degradation of performance.

  • Cable tie tags with identification tags are a fast, economical method of securing cables and wires as a group or tying them to a surface. 

  • Pull-tight cable tie tags offer unparalelled tamper-evident security. Insert the strap-end into the locking barrel and pull it tight to seal, leaving the strap- end attached.

  • Cable tie tags are a simple, convenient and economical cable and wire management solution. We offer several cable tie styles and sizes , as well as cable tie mounting bases and cable tie installation tools.

  • RFID cable tie tag provide an innovative solution for clear and rapid product identification. The  RFID cable tie tags combine the numerous advantages of a regular cable tie with RFID technology. The ties are especially suited for securing, serialisation, tracking and identification of products in the areas of resource management, electrical inspection, inventory, distribution and rental services as well as for easy management of maintenance and repair routines.

  • Logistics supply chain,digital warehouse management,value-added security traceability,bags and suitcase, warehouse stock, container,goods shelf, pallet, equipment, assets, communication equipment, medical device and clothing management etc.

  • In the transportation and logistics, large cargo container with goods is often used for mass transit . Its able to seal the container with this container ribbon rfid tag which records all goods information.During the goods transportation, people can monitor the whole transportation situation so that goods  reach  the  destination accurately and  safety . And its very  convenient to hand over  and track.

  • Tree tracking,information collection,identification,traceability,Logistics tracking management, Food tracing, animal tracing, etc.

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