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Destructive Tag
RFID Disposable Tag for Security Label Document Management
RFID Disposable Tag for Security Label Document Management
  • Document Attempt & Destroy Check & Authorization

  • Seal time verifying of documents by Anti-Counterfeiting Function

  • RFID accessory security label document rfid disposable tag 

  • NFC phone metal sticker access control 

  • NFC laser hologram security windshield tag for payment

  • Vehicle anti removal tag windshield glass label 

  • Liquor & wine tracking anti counterfeiting seal tag 

  • Wine bottle cap sealing for brand protection mobility payment

  • RFID Disposable Tag for Security Label Document Management

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Tag Size: metal part 24.8*4.3cm, plastic part 24.8*1.2*1.8 cm

  • Chip: Impinj Mondza 4 QT

  • Frequency : 860 MHz-960 MHz

  • Protocol: ISO 18000-6C, Gen2 V1C1

  • International Standard: FCC, ETSI

  • Conduct Material: Aluminum Etching / FR4 Copper builtin

  • Substrate: ABS & Steel body

  • Product Property: Optional of Tamper proof, Brittle antenna, Destructive aluminum etching, Fragile copper etching, Ink of silver Printing antenna based

  • Product Feature: Function of Non-transfer, Fragile,Tamper Evident, Anti-counterfeiting, non-transferable,break on antenna, break on chip,one time use, Disposable, Destructive IP Level, Waterproof, UV IR rays resistant, heat or temperature resistant and chemical resistant

Value Added Services
  • Each RFID chip has a unique international identifier which is impossible to duplicate

  • Like barcodes, variable data encoded on the RFID needs to be accessible, accurate and error-free and matched against any printed data on associated labels, tags, and documents. Without this, the integrity of the data and the item being tracked can be lost, creating a significant business or security risk.

  • Simultaneous match RFID data against a database and/or against printed information on labels, tags, packages and security documents

  • Ensure all items in a data file are processed without missing or duplicate pieces

  • RFID asset tag for identification technology as a bridge between real assets and asset management system. With the help of network remote transmission function, it can integrate the daily asset management activities with the system effectively.

  • The management includes the operations of asset addition, allocation, inventory, idle, scrap, repair, and maintenance. It includes the whole life process of equipment from purchase, uses to discard.

  • When the equipment is purchased, an RFID asset tag is added, and the information of the assets is written into the RFID inventory tag. Each time the asset is managed, an RFID reader or a handheld terminal reads the RFID tag on the assets and processes it according to the corresponding process, so as to achieve the efficient management of fixed assets.


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