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Coin KeyFob Tag
chemical resistant RFID Tags, washable RFID Tags
Washable RFID Coin Tags water proof
  • Public Transport Access Control, security control,card Payment 

  • Hotel management, transportation,library and campus

  • Parking lot,consuming,warehouse,Cashless Vending,Loyalty & Discount

  • Waterproof,Resistance to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil, 10% HCL Ammonia,Shock,Vibration

  • Coin button tag also used in single trip ticket, multi trip ticket of subway, metro, train, public transportation, casino chips, e-payment, industrial transponder

  • Washable RFID Coin Tags water proof

Frequency 125 KHz ,13.56MHz
Type Contactless Read-Only
Chip EM4102/NXP S50
Compliance EM4100 or other compatible RFID tags
Capacity 64 bits
Multi-Detection No
Tested Read Range 20 - 60 mm
Read Speed 1 tag/sec
Color Black\White
Material Plastic, resin material, RoHS
Dimensions diameter 20mm,23.5mm,15mm,30mm , thickness 3.5mm
Weight 3-4g
Product Property Industry coin tag in used in harsh environment with High IP Level, Waterproof, UV IR rays resistant, heat or temperature resistant and chemical resistant
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Value Added Services
  • The  RFID Coin water proof Tag is designed for harsh environment. To achieve good performance in the extreme environment such as high temperature, wafer, oil, chemic solutions etc. The  RFID Coin water proof Tag basically meets all requirements in terms of heat, pressure and chemical resistance as needed in applications of RFID tracking of garments in the textile rental and laundry industries. 

  • Widely used for industry control identification for equipment and spare parts, assets management anti thief management

  • Logistics supply chain,digital warehouse management,value-added security traceability,bags and suitcase, warehouse stock, container,goods shelf, pallet, equipment, assets, communication equipment, medical device and clothing management etc.

  • Logistics, Laundry management, Anti-counterfeiting, Access Control, Industrial Transponder, etc..

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