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NFC Locker
Passive NFC Lock Bluetooth Locker, Key Managed nfc locker locks
Key Managed Passive NFC Lock Bluetooth Locker
  • The high-security steel inner core is completely encapsulated in a tough

  • Tamper evident and numbered polymer shell

  • Using passive NFC lock will provide low cost and high level security service.

  • Provide a high level of security and tamper-evidence.

  • Steel, heavy-duty, high-security bolt seals for intermodal Containers, Trucks, Railroad Cars, Air Cargo Containers, Tankers, Wagons, Doors, Hatches, and all kinds of ISO container, etc

  • Key Managed Passive NFC Lock Bluetooth Locker

Unlocking method unlocking the electronic key
Electronic key parameters
Working voltage DC3.7V
Charging voltage DC5V
Working current 0.5A
Wired interface mini USB
Wireless interface BLE4.0
Working temperature -20~60C
Protection level IP65
 Access Password 668806
Material zinc alloy, stainless steel
Hook locker 40x47mm
Hook Locker Access Condition 13.56Mhz NFC ISO18092
Locker Dimenssion 25x58x95mm
Key Managed Passive NFC hook locker
Value Added Services
  • Solved the problem that the power distribution box power lock was stolen

  • Pre-program & personalization service for RFID lock fully supported

  • Intelligent key authorization management

  • NFC lock can't be copied. Every RFID Seal has unique ID from the world.

  • Especially suitable for special protection equipment for banks

  • NFC lock not only protects the safety of power equipment, prevents electricity theft, but also effectively prevents the illegal operation of power personnel and serves the users faster, thus providing a scientific basis for power decision-making.

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