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  • HP150113A ISO14443A Small RFID NFC D20mm Round Tag
HP150113A ISO14443A Small RFID NFC D20mm Round Tag

HP150113A ISO14443A Small RFID NFC D20mm Round Tag

  • Small size adhesive HF rfid passive tag

  • Option customized size, thickness, shape

  • Optional custom anti-metal feature and tamper proof feature

  • Programmable, optional encoding, encryption,extract data and other personalization service

  • Widely used for non-metal assets identification, tracking and inventory management

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HP150113A ISO14443A Small RFID NFC D20mm Round Tag

  • HP150113A Small RFID NFC Tag

  • Tag Dimension: D20mm (Antenna Size: D16mm)

  • Chip: SIC43N1( Protocol: ISO14443A)

  • Memory: TID/UID 7byte+User 888bytes

  • Operating Frequency: 13.0-14.5Mhz

  • FaceStock/Housing: Transparent PET

  • Reading Range: 1cm on Air-Free (Depends on Reader) 

  • Installation: Adhesive  

  • Characteristic: Universal

  • Feature Option: Free consulting and free samples with solution proposal & evaluation, Fast sampling within 2-3days is provided to support ODM/OEM/SKD in order to meet the customized printing including mono/color barcode and text Embossing, laser-engraving, personalization and encoding service

Value Points

  • The most exciting ways is to use Near Field Communication (NFC) to pay for things — all sorts of things. It would be nice to say that NFC has completely penetrated absolutely every market out there, but the fact is that NFC is still a new technology. Consequently, you find NFC used quite a bit in some areas of the country and not nearly enough in other areas.

  • An NFC wallet lets you make payments using a variety of sources. In addition,With NFC wallet, you can gain points on your loyalty card. The application used to make this functionality happen offers built-in security, so you can assign a PIN to every payment option your wallet includes.

  • This is a very lightweight, non-transactional cold storage hardware wallet to securely store cryptocurrencies offline using contactless NFC technology.

  • NFC wallets is not only where but also how you use NFC purcharse type. Many companies had already found that NFC is an indispensable part in their business, as shown here. Of course, this figure doesn’t show all the companies that use NFC, but it does show some of the larger organizations. Even in places like Wisconsin (one of the lighter areas shown previously), you can go into a Subway, tap your card, and pay for your dinner. So, it's not impossible to find NFC usage wherever you go because these larger companies are already using it as a shopping method.



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