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Key Managed Passive RFID Lock
Key Managed Passive RFID Lock
  • The high-security steel inner core is completely encapsulated in a tough

  • Tamper evident and numbered polymer shell

  • Using passive RFID lock will provide low cost and high level security service.

  • Provide a high level of security and tamper-evidence.

  • Steel, heavy-duty, high-security bolt seals for intermodal Containers, Trucks, Railroad Cars, Air Cargo Containers, Tankers, Wagons, Doors, Hatches, and all kinds of ISO container, etc

  • Key Managed Passive RFID Lock

  • Unlocking method: unlocking the electronic key

  • Electronic key parameters:

  • Working voltage: DC3.7V

  • Charging voltage: DC5V

  • Working current:<0.5A

  • Wired interface: mini USB

  • Wireless interface: BLE4.0

  • Working temperature: -20~60C

  • Protection level: IP65

  • Material: zinc alloy, stainless steel

Passive NFC Locker
Value Added Services
  • Solved the problem that the power distribution box power lock was stolen

  • Pre-program & personalization service for RFID lock fully supported

  • Intelligent key authorization management

  • RFID lock can't be copied. Every RFID Seal has unique ID from the world.

  • Especially suitable for special protection equipment for banks

  • RFID lock not only protects the safety of power equipment, prevents electricity theft, but also effectively prevents the illegal operation of power personnel and serves the users faster, thus providing a scientific basis for power decision-making.

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