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RFID Encoding Machine
Latest Software Upgrade Update For NFC RFID Encoding Machine QC Inspection Machine
Latest Software Upgrade Update For NFC RFID Encoding Machine QC Inspection Machine
  • RFID data encoding program machine more durability

  • RFID/NFC program reader buildin for label encoding

  • Customized Reader function is opened for customer

  • RFID/NFC encoding process capacity upto 9Kpcs/hour

  • Auto Ink Marker or replace defected label for rejection

  • Easy operate,Friendly Interface,Touch & Button Control

  • Function Test (without  encoding machine)

    please run the software with parameter "-develop" so the shortcut of execute name will be finally like "$driver name/folder name/CodeMachine.exe -develop

    Remark: Driver name, Folder name is different depends on computer/pc, key point is the content with RED color, also, please make sure don't use any HF & UHF as a protocol from this software, in case you have that reader it will work properly, this parameter of "-Develop" will give command to run program once in each second in case of no real machine is connected.

  • Software Update

    Support to model encoding machine with name D5000, D9500 all version

    Support to Microsoft windows 2000/XP/7/8/Vista/10

    Upgrade Software is green package, don't need to re-install again, but just overwrite necessary files

    Step 1: Download Upgrade file from website and move file to "Desktop" of encoding machine 

    Step 2: Unzip the Upgrade files into a new folder from encoding machine

    Step 3: Goto this new folder and Delete "Config.XML", "Config2.XML" and "Log.mdb" 3 files

    Step 4: Select & Copy all the new files including sub-folders from this folder

    Step 5: Goto "My Computer\My Documents\RFID Encoding Machine\"

    Step 6: Execute "Paste" and "overwrite" all existed old files.

    Step 7: Reboot computer of the encoding machine for new update

    Step 8: Verify & Finish

  • Be careful of the important files and do not overwrite the files(folders and files are listed below for your consideration) that you had more concerns, especially don't allow to overwrite machine existed "Config.XML" & "Config2.XML", otherwise it will cause your machine totally doesn't work since all exist parameters are defined to meet your machine device."Log.mdb" is connected to your machine production record either quality readcheck or write process

    \Data\         Those data files are required for Plug-in software including sub-folder defined

     \Database\   *.TXT  was required to be put in this folder for the Database files loading

    \Filter\      *.txt are required to be put here for Filter purpose during machine operation,

                     in order to kick out or save appointed tags. 

    \HF\          HF Reader API Lib

    \UHF\  UHF Reader API Lib

    \LOG\  When config log is enable, all operation from machine will be recorded

                      into a Log file with current day & real time

    \Report\    Production reports for each tag/label which is related to appointed Plug-in

Update History:


1) ƵдĽӿںȫµİ汾 The interface functions of HF reader are all replaced with the new version; 

2) 14443Aǩļܹʱر The encryption function of 14443A tas is disabled temporarily;

2013-12-05 ѡUHFѡ Added selection funcion of UHF area;

2013-12-06 ʾһʮ Plug-in for Laiyongchu tag,shows a line decimal;

2013-12-11 д֮ǰͣһ Plug-in for Laiyongchu tag, pause for a while before writing;

2014-01-10  ־ļѡɹ̶һ߶̶־Ϊlog.txtPlug-in for Laiyongchu tag, log file can be chosen to generate fixed one or more,fixed log for log.txt;

2014-01-13  ޸߼ Modify the process logic, Ϻţ⵽꣬Ļʾԡ͡ꡱѡꡱGPO3ִлǰѭѡԡǰǩдԽǺñ꣬GPO2ִкñܼǰѭ

Disallowed number: when bad tag is detected,screem will display "Retry" and "Jump". If "Jump" is selected, GPO3 will be output, the bad tag will be counted, the total count will be counted and the current cycle will be finished. If selected to "Retry" the current label read or write action, the test results are good, the output is GPO2, the implementation is good standard count, the total count will be counted and the current cycle will be finished.

2014-01-13 Ϻţ⵽꣬ĻʾꡱGPO3ִлȴGPI3ȷǰѭ Allowed number: Bad tag is detected, the screen shows "bad mark", output GPO3, execute bad count, then total count, and wait for GPI3 to confirm the output and ended the current cycle.

2014-01-17  ӱǩ˻ Added the tag filter configuration,  ǩЭӡǩá In the tag protocol drop-down list, added tag filter configuration;

2014-02-26  HF_UltraLightý棻Added the interface configuration of HF_UltraLight;

2014-03-26  HF_UltraLightжϣ7ֽ׳쳣Added the inventory result length judgment of HF_UltraLight;

2014-04-28  ޸һ汾޸֮󣬲14443AЭBugRepaired the 14443A protocol inventory bug in previous version;

2014-05-23  ʾڣȥꡱֹͣťBad tag tip window,removed the button of "Jump" and "Stop";

2014-06-03  ޸0428汾HF_UltraLightǩжϴRepaired  the HF_UltraLight invenroty tag length of error determination which cased by 0428 version;

2014-06-09  ƵдIPַļPut the IP address of the UHF reader into the configuration file;

2014-06-12  굯ʾꡢֹͣȷϣBad tag tip window, "Jump" and "Stop" for second confirmation;

2014-06-14 ־ļ·ãLog file path can be configured;

2014-06-17 Ultralight ļ--: --Ultralight ; Ultralight output folder-renamed: Afford-Ultralight;

2014-06-27 UhfInlayAdded UhfInlay plug-in

2014-07-04  Epc96BitInitializationAdded Epc96BitInitialization plug-in

2014-08-05  A-ֶ֧ݹˣöŷָFiltering configuration supports multiple content filtering,the contest of filter is separated by commas; B-UHF־ӹ˹ܣAdded filterfing for plug-in "UHF log";

2014-08-29  ӻʿдGEN2 V2ӿڣAdded the reader Gen2 V2 interface;

2014-08-30  Żȫ̵ʱʵֲŻӳ٣֤ÿ2ﵽ20msϼɣGPO4رʱ25ms, 򵥱ǩ޷ѭŻдʱ䣻Optimized the control parameters of the whole process,in order to achieve optimization of production capacity and no delay, to ensure that every two commands can be sent more than 20ms, the time of GPO4 opening and closing is adjusted to 25ms interval,or single tag can not be worked in cycle;Optimized the inventory time of reader ;

2014-09-05  1).ָʱ Restore the bad tag output interval configuration;  2).UHFд640kHzƵʣٶ4 UHF reader sets 640kHz frequency, speed is increased 4 times; 3).UHFдʱ The inventory time of UHF reader can be configured; 4).޵ The limit configuration of bag tag output interval is adjusted;

2014-09-19 ӳ٣ʱ򵯳Bad tag ouput delayed,shows the results when it is end;

2014-10-17 ӰдUHF_Reader_V3); Added Brazilian reader : UHF_Reader_V3;

2014-10-22 1).д߸ij2ţBrailian reader antenna is changed into No.2;

2).дùʣBrailian reader power is setted;

2014-10-29  Add plugin of Intermec plug-in;

2014-11-17 עĿǰֻһUHFڡUHF־õNote: the filter is only for UHF currently which will be used in "UHF production log";

2014-12-05 15693flag̶Ϊ0x02 15693 read flad is fixed to 0x02;

2014-12-10 ͳһ־ʽUnified log output format;

2014-12-12  UidAdded Uid for filter at setup;

2014-12-15 ־12λPlug-in log to make up 12 digit for Laiyongchu tag;

2014-12-16 ־£Updated the reading log plug-in for Laiyongchu tag;

2015-09-17 15693ЭдAdded 15693 protocol for Huada reader;

2016-04-22 UltraLightOffsetΧӴ4-256Offset range of UltraLight is increased to 4-256;

2016-08-03 ϲǽ޸ĹĴ루·The modified code by Wuzhijie (Kiloway plug-in) is mergered;

2016-08-16 530UE̬⣬滻UltralightЭӿڣAdded 530UE dynamic library,replace Ultraligh protocol interface;

2016-08-17 Config_Tamper CheckAdded Config_Tamper Check plug-in;

2016-09-08 UltraLightЭ黻DLLThe Ultralight protocol changed to DLL;

2016-09-14 18K3M3дAdded 18K3M3 reader; RL863-EXAMAdded RL863-EXAM plug-in;

2016-09-22 288DܹܣAdded encryption function for 288D UHF reader;

2016-09-28 288DܹӲ롱The encryption function of 288D reader is added to the parameter "old password";  RL863-EXAMӲ롱RL863-EXAM plug-in is added to the parameter "old password";

2016-10-23  1.Production Report generator automatic save in case of power lost, will just loose one piece of record for current tag, 2.changing NFC plug-in function in English version, 3.changing UHF reader debug software as a popular interface and default parameter configed in advance.

2016-11-8  new Plug-in of FASTAG for ETC program application updated

2016-11-9 Fix bug in Barcode function located in "Scanner Config", modify "disable" to be "enable",  Fastag Reports with "-" as barcode seperate sympol.

2016/11/10 2016-8-8µAPIӿ"Ultralight V1.1-֧64.rar"TIDȡݲBUG,(pageд) ͨѶЭIJ׽ʵ,APIӿ.

Dated on 2016-8-8 the update of API interface "Ultralight V1.1-֧64.rar" has the bug which read that TID data wrongly ( read and write of data page is correct), use the capturing method of changing communication protocol instead of API interface.  ޸BUGӰ첿HF_UltralightЭü. Repaired the effect of other parts by bug,includes HF_Ultralight protocol setting and plug-in.  Plug-in includes: Ultralight report, Ultralight-NFC

2016/11/10 ޸Э鼰 Changed relative protocol and name of plug-in

HF_14443A ---> HF_14443A_530UE

HF_14443B ---> HF_14443B_530UE

HF_15963  ---> HF_15693_530UE

HF_Ultralight --> HF_Ultralight_530UE

Ultraglight Report ---> 530UE-Ultralight Report

14443Aɫ ---> 530UE-14443Aɫ

14443A Report ---> 530UE-14443A Report

15693 write test ---> 530UE-15693 Write Test

15693 Report ---> 530UE-15693 Report

15693 ---> 530UE-15693

Ultraglight-NFC ---> 530UE-Ultralight-NFC

Ultralight-NFC-530UN ---> 530UN-Ultralight-NFC

14443A-NFC ---> 530UE-14443A-NFC

2016/11/11  FastagһжϹ(޳ɨ費ǩ), Hex_Barcode_SerialNo = 00000 ͬжΪFail. Fastag plug-in added a rule to judgement (reject the bad scanning tag), if shwos " Hex_Barcode_SerialNo = 00000 ", means "fail".

2016/11/14 530UN-Ultralight-NFC\530UE-Ultralight-NFC\530UE-14443A-NFC, ־ļ, ʽΪSN; Time; UID; NFC Record; Result  


2016/11/14 ־288D-General Report, 2204-Genenal Reportвݴ"д""ASCIIת"ܲ 



2016/11/14 Rename Title from Software ޸:

Config/ϵͳ     --->Default Config/׼

DataSource->ASCII   --->DataProcessor->ASCII

Scanner Config/봦  --->Other DataProcessor/ݴ

Auto Config/Զ   --->Auto DataProcessor/Զݴ

Other DataProcessorݿ⴦-->֧ScannerDatabase˫

4)ƷԪ ---> (Իɻ¼)--> ҪѲΪ2(ƫ-->ݻ)



7)FASTAG, Զ̷У,""ָTID,EPC,USER,Ȼ־"д"ͬ,ҪBARCODEԭʼ-(6λȼһ,һߵ10λټһ)

: 6074170050008000  Ӻߺ 607417-005-0008000



1)530UN-Config43N1F־, ־ʽSN;Time;UID;Tampercheck;Result

ͬѡַλ0x2A, 0x2A, 0xE4, 0xE4,0xF2ͬ,2bytes ="00 00"TamperCheckλ

ضһ, жTamperCheck="00 00"ΪUntampered, Result=OK

2)288D-TamperCheck, ־ʽSN;Time;TID;EPC;TamperCheck;Result

TamperCheck: EPC 0x20(hex),Count=1, ֵ0080/C040/0040, жTamperCheck=8040Result=OK

""ʱȡTID,EPCTamperCheck EPCж־

"д"ʱ"׼ԴDataProcess->ASCII"дEPC,֮TamperCheck EPCжϽ־


New Changes for the Plug-in Kit of "288D-General Report" increased one more Barcode column as a general report, support Read and Write both mode.

һж(Read/Writeж)ʹScannerΪSourceDataʱ, ־  Barcodeֶ(ԭʼɼ),ScannerSourceDataBarcodeֶ


New Changes for Plug-in kit of "FASTAG" ,ѡж:

there are some options for choose " Write&PermaLock, PermaLock Only and Write Only"

1) Lock Only = EPC  PermaLock-->User PermaLock-->KillPassword PermaLock

2) Write & Lock =  EPC+user plus " PermaLock EPC+USER+KillPassword"

3) Write Only - just write "EPC+user"


Added new Plug-in"288D-FASTAG2", most are same with FASTAG, loading database as program DataSource. Read to generate report for customer, Write and generate final report for program purpose.

ԭBolivia,ʱݿ,Ȼɴݿͻṩܼܲд뵽EPCUSER,֮жϲǷҪPermaLockWrite  Only, 尴"20170109 UHF288D-FASTAG2Ҫ-ֶд2.zip"


Added new function of "Filter" which is Barcode filter, and change display to understand more for operator. support both of Read and Write mode.

Barcode  Filter,SCANNERԴͷ, ͬʱ֧READWRITE˫ģʽ¿ɹ,̹Ϊ" Scannner  ->Filter->DataProcessor-"Read/Write"


Exchange function between "Write only" and "Lock Only" from plug-in of FASTag and FASTag2 to be fixed, disable Internet connection to speed up the UPH while machine running in "lock Only" mode.


New Plugin of "530UE-Ultralight-Tagcopy" is added, according to requirement of multi-block data write(Read function is not applicable), prepare one TXT files including all of information similar to below sample listed,  and selected for encoding write process,  each line inside the TXT file contains HEX offset Page/Block address, seperate sympol":",  BlockData for this offset, all digits are HEX format except ":"

If writing data contains password block, the data should be place in last line, otherwise will cause writing fail or return error.

----Sample Data inside TXT file-----











Plugin of "288D-FASTAG" increased one more function to both support  the barcode number including"-" or without"-", and judge fail label by a new condition rule as it's right digits containing "0000000" insead of 16 digits 0 typed and  more efficiency

Plugin of "288D-FASTAG2" , judge fail label by a new condition rule as it's right digits containing "0000000" insead of 15 digits 0 typed and  more efficiency


Plugin of "288D-General DataWrite" increased,  under DATABASE public function, to select data for general datawrite, the data file will be TXT format and the data was specified in a certain rules as below listed which can include EPC, USER, RESERVED or just one of them and there is no sequence required, each line will be wrote into just one tag, one by one followed, and one by one programed by automatically. 

For example:

Program EPC, you have to write EPC:Data-information;  

begining is Bank name, ending should be ";" as seperation

Program USER,you have to wirte USER:data-information;

Program RESERVED, same process

Allow to write datas for multi and different memory Banks

between banks seperation is ";" 

Each bank =Bank name+":"+"Bank Data"

For example below"general-file.txt" located in "Driver D" ready for program





EPC:3159AFB9040001FF0100040D; USER:0D040001FF010004B9AF5931; RESERVED:00100004

USER:0E030001FF010003B9AF5931; EPC:3159AFB9030001FF0100030E; RESERVED:0010004

EPC:3159AFB9040001FF0100040D; USER:0D040001FF010004B9AF5931; RESERVED:00100004

RESERVED:00100004; EPC:3159AFB9020001FF01000213; 


Plugin of "FASTAG" judge fail label by a new condition rule as it's right digits = "0000000" insead of 15 digits 0 typed and  more efficiency


Thingmagic M6E Reader is able to connect with Encoding Mahince with Fixed frequency & HFSS frequency

Reader M6E human interface with scroll bar to allow display all infos.


Change plugin name from IF2-Intermec to IF2-Brazil-ETC

Add new plugin named M6E-Brazil-ETC

Add new plugin named M6E-General-Report

Change plugin function of M6E-brazil-ETC to show both of EPC and TID from main window

Correct Fail report inside of M6E-Brazial-ETC plugin, without space between data columns.


improve the plugin of FASTAG/FASTAG2 to get visible Pantone Color from main window with FLASH light the Image of Pantone Color in every 2 seconds, prevent mistaken of the VC wrong typing.

exception of initialization EPC 96 and 128bits for 3 readers UHF288D/2204/M6E, Allow to init EPC bank length from config2.xml file. EPC init length can be any times of 32bits, so they will be 64bits, 6bits,128bit,160bits,192bits,224bits,256bits,

288bits,320bits,352bits,384bits,416bit,448bit,480bit,512bit and so on

2016/6/13:  UHF288D protocol increase "scroll bar" ҲҪӹ

2017/8/11: New Plugin for ciggaret SM7зnew plugin

2017/8/28: Confirm the Enable function "OtherDataConfig" is for filter and function setup both


Major window interface increase information width to be 4 lines,allow to indicate more status from machine program and inspection;

UHF288D procotol has increase one more selection to maximum support 4 antenna, means each transaction will program/inspect more than 1pcs of tag or label, to enhance capacity from 1 to 4, means 4 times capacity and 4 times of web size of the labels (4pcs labels parellelly )can be program/inspect from this machine

Related UHF288D-General-Report is also improved to support 1-4 pcs of tag in every report line. seperation as same as previous design.

1) UHF288DдЭ޸3Ϊ4,űǩ˳⣬ͬʱӽAnt1,Ant2,Ant3,Ant4,ѡִмζдʾ÷ֺŸ룬TID1:xxxx;EPC1:xxxx;TID2:xxx;EPC2:000

UHF288D-General-Report޸ģʽÿʾ¼TID1/EPC1/TID2/EPC2/2017/7/4Ʒз---̲new plugin


1)allow plug-in Ʒз repeat program tags

2)bug fix for UHF288D-general-report, in order to correct EPC and TID  confused because of communication error, re-connected again if error found


New encoding algorithm for FASTAG plug-in


1)allow plug-in Ʒз repeat program tags

2)bug fix for UHF288D-general-report, in order to correct EPC and TID  confused because of communication error, re-connected again if error found


1)288D-General-DataWrite add new function of LOCK and PermaLock for EPC,User and reserve,Lock process is after writing process ѡLOCK288D-TamperCheckûж޸8084C0404040Ϊñ꣬0040Ϊ EPC(0x20)=0080/C040/0040=Fail, 8040=OK, revised to be: 0040=Fail,8040/C040/4040=OK

2)288D-General-DataWrite-- Add Lock & PermaLock function


add new DataSource from"Camera" created in main menu and "Setup", in order to collect QR-code,1D/2D Barcode automatically, also quality inspection for label visual check by machinecameraɼܣʵ1D,2D Barcode,̬ɼԶʶ


1New plug-in of 288D-MVM-ETCETC Application-SAM CARD Encrypted Encoding

2Add CSV format of output report into plug-in of 288D-General-DataWrite


1)288D-MVM-ETC fail encoding was added into report,barcode 00000000 was defined as fail encoding to ignore/skip printing issue»괦

2)Improved production capacity for the Camera Datasourceͷ


plug-in "288D-MVM-ETC" report format was changed in order to fit packing purpose, PackNo and CartonBox both allow more letters for report generation. put more other data into specified report.


1) plug-in "288D-TamperCheck"

  using barcode as DATAsource, put barcode data into report also.

  fix software bug in the operation method of "Write" selection, TamperCheck judgement is revised as "0040 is tampered, other data is un-tampered"

  if barcode is ="00000000" (eight piece of 0), QC result = Fail, add fail history also into report

2)Fix bug for Camera - DataSource, "Pause" operation will transfer last history to current record.  Clear memory buffer / cache not to transfer data to next record any more. which is as same as the barcode - DataSource.

3)Plugin of "288D-MVM-ETC" , add more input frame for the new report requirement, like "Pack No/Carton Box", seperate each column to be two columns. 

fix counter repeating issue.


1Plugin of "288D-TamperCheck", if EPC reading at offest 0x20 got fail, will make retry 3times, in order not to missing good tags.



Add 4 new plug-in as below, especially for single piece of rfid/nfc tags, with real counter function, means same TID/UID/EPC, counter will just count qty for 1time even though more than 1 time inspection for same piece of tag, plug-in has unique piece of report function buildin also, real seperation qty setting is configed from plug-in itself.

--530UE_14443A_Real Counter

--530UE_15693_Real Counter

--530UE_Ultraglight_Real Counter

--288D_Real Counter


ѡʱϻһ򣬵ʾReal Counterͼ

ͬһƬǩܳɹٴΣReal Counter־ֻ¼һμ


1) plug-in "530UE-Ultralight-NFC", "530UE-14443A-NFC", "530UN-Ultralight-NFC" was included more NDEF protocols except URL type, Lock Tag was made with an extra option for selection.

2) Plug-in "M6E-HGS" was created for DLL loading file "libtagCreateLib_21052018.dll" in order to generate TAG UserData, AccessPassword according to related tag TID & Barcode number. Operation Code is confidential.


1)plug-in "530UE-Ultralight-NFC", "530UE-14443A-NFC", "530UN-Ultralight-NFC extended "EN" type to be 2 options "EN" and "en" both.

2018.11.19 New Plugin for 14443A with Key A and Key B both encryption

Ӳ-F08оƬдA B.

2018.11.30 Update Report output with additional Surface Number for the Plugin "530UE-Ultralight Report/530UE-14443A Report/530UE-15693 Report"־ӱ

2018.11.30 Update Plugin"Ʋ" Camera scanning to be qualified from remote server and generate report άͨͷʶ𣬷ǽάݷȡġ־ӱάݡ

2018.12.11 Add new Plugin"530UE-15693-DES", UID convert to DES and write into page0-4 DES㷨д

2018.12.11 Update "M6E-Brazil_ETC" "IF2-Brazil_ETC" to support latest chip EXB2014B2, cancel partitial TID program ʵֶоƬEXB2014B2֧֣ȡTID

2018.12.11 Update the language support for all pop-up windows in both Chinese and in English "setup/config/protocol/plug-in" ڳֵʾ Ӣ˫ʾٲҪļ֧

2019.03.04 Update "530UE-Ultralight-NFC/530UE-14443A-NFC"while select "Type=TEXT-en or Type=TEXT-EN, write data (OTP0-OTP3) changed from "E1 11 16 00to "E1 10 06 00"

2019.04.10 Bug fixed for 2019.03.04 update, to solve the NDEF Content wring data can't be recognized by NFC cellphone.дݸʽԣNFCֻȡǩ޷ʾȷıݡ

2019.05.11 Update reader firmware to be V0.50 of UHF288D д̼汾ΪV0.50

2019.07.01 Add Plug-in "UHF_GB_HD16R01URM" GB protocol Э

2019.08.13 Update reader firmware to be V0.62 of UHF 288D in order to measure UHF temperature tag and fix several bugs for tag locking д̼汾֧¶Ȳ޸V0.50汾00000000޷lockBUG

2019.11.08 Add new Plugin "288D-PC-Performance Test" with upper and lower performance limit control,remove best & worst tags ڱǩһԿأ̫ܲҲ

2019.11.12 Update Plugin "288D-FASTAG 2"Write model cancel the data loading from PlateNo and loading data from consigned TXT file only. дʱٵòĻVCPre-Codeֱӵÿ͹TXTݣͬʱϻDISABLE

2019.11.12 Add New Plugin "288D-FASTAG-NEW" For new FASTAG encoding & quality check in order to match QR-code & TID and injection data under consigned TXT

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