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RFID Reader

  • R321 NFC HF Desktop Reader
R321 NFC HF Desktop Reader

R321 NFC HF Desktop Reader

  • Compliant with ISO/IEC1443A,B, ISO/IEC15693 standard

  • Features such as stable performance and strong reliability. Its operating frequency is 13.56MHz

  • ISO 18000-3M1 standard, support USB interface communication.

  • Multiple communication port for options

  • Good reading range with stable function

  • Built-in LED indicator and buzzer

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Product Description - R321 NFC HF Desktop Reader

  • R321 NFC HF Desktop Reader

  • Frequency : 13.56Mhz

  • Reading range : 50mm (depends on tags and antenna size)

  • Protocol : ISO/IEC14443A/B ISO15693 ISO18000-3M1

  • Communication port : RS232,USB(option)

  • Power : DC 5V or from USB port

  • Transmit power :0.2W

  • Working temp : -10℃ ~ +65℃

  • Standard sizes : 122*73*15mm

  • Material : ABS

  • Label reading speed : 60m/min

Product Details and Product Feature

  • Adopt advanced RF receiving circuit design and embedded microcontroller, combined with efficient decoding algorithm, complete the reception of EPC (GEN 2) card, with high receiving sensitivity, small working current, USB power supply, high performance, etc.

  • no need to key-in barcode data manually

  • reduces input errors, speeds up operation

  • E-payment,Software management

  • HF Dual-Interface Card Reader

  • Specification,Industry and Commerce

  • Stable short-range desktop reader, with convenient use, airtightness, good heat dissipation, high receiving sensitivity, stable performance, strong reliability, etc

  • Effective reading and writing distance reaches 5cm (data source: NXPICODE card, environment without other interference at room temperature)


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R321 NFC HF Desktop Reader
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