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RFID Reader

  • 2.4G Active RFID Desktop Reader Desktop Reader
2.4G Active RFID Desktop Reader Desktop Reader

2.4G Active RFID Desktop Reader Desktop Reader

  • Fast write EPC & USER memory of the RFID label smart card

  • Access control system,RFID reader/writer/programmer of rfid tag

  • Multiple communication port for options

  • Good reading range with stable function

  • The communication distance is long, the recognition sensitivity is high, and the power and receiving sensitivity are adjustable

  • Support online upgrade, rich communication interface, can be customized according to user needs

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2.4G Active RFID Desktop Reader Desktop Reader

  • 2.4G Active Desktop Reader

  • Model: SR2412

  • RF chip: nRF wireless product series or domestic chip

  • Operating frequency: 2400MHz~2500MHz

  • Output power: -18dBm~0dBm

  • Receive sensitivity: -90dBm

  • Decay: 0~31dB

  • Write label distance:<1M

  • Input and output: 1 input, 2 output

  • Communication interface: RS-232, RJ45

  • Power supply: DC+9V (with power adapter),

  • Status alert: buzzer

  • Dimensions: 190mm × 150mm × 50mm

  • Weight: 0.9 Kg

  • Working temperature: -20°C~+70°C

2.4G Active RFID Desktop Reader

Value Points

  • A high-performance 2.4GHz active Desktop Reader, mainly used for label initial information input

  • Adopt advanced RF receiving circuit design and embedded microcontroller, combined with efficient decoding algorithm, complete the reception of EPC (GEN 2) card, with high receiving sensitivity, small working current, USB power supply, high performance, etc.

  • Applicable to all kinds of active radio frequency identification schemes, omnidirectional or directional antennas can be selected according to specific use conditions, and the target can be remotely identified.

  • Widely used for desktop simple identification and input / output management of RFID tag, rfid sticker or rfid labels

  • 2.4G Active RFID Desktop Reader is suitable for various radio frequency identification applications such as access control, attendance, charging, anti-theft, etc.



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