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RFID Reader

  • RH04 ISO14443A Portable NFC Reader Module Phone Reader Module
RH04 ISO14443A Portable NFC Reader Module Phone Reader Module

RH04 ISO14443A Portable NFC Reader Module Phone Reader Module

    • Intelligent tour appliances, electronic label logistics query

    • Intelligent electronic,guard patrol 

    • Patrol, electrical toll system used on highway charge verifying the authenticity

    • Patrolling security system Goods inventory to know stock quantity situation

    • Sales quantity better warranty service or maintenance problems

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RH04 ISO14443A Portable NFC Reader Module Phone Reader Module

  • ISO14443A Portable NFC Reader Module

  • Product model: IVF-RH04 Reader Module

  • IVF-RH04 is a portable mini third generation reader elf, it can be connected with IOS, Android and other intelligent system platform by 3.5mm headphone jack, elf has the characteristics : easily plug and use, light, small size, low power consumption, built-in rechargeable battery, convenient to take, suitable for anti-tamper terminal interrogator usage, navigation equipment and other excursions.

  • Support HF label protocols(Mifare1K、Ultralight、NTAG203)only support KeyA function.

  • Support IOS, Android intelligent platforms.

  • Communication interface: 3.5mm audio interface ( common headphone jack)

  • Read distance: 22mm(depend on tag size)

  • Work time: continuous 7 hours, query over 3 000 times.

  • Material: ABS+PC engineer plastics

  • Size:39mm*30mm*11mm

  • Weight: 12g

  • Battery capacity: Lithium battery 130mA, can be recharged.

  • Charge method: USB 5V/0.5A,charge time is about 30 minutes.

  • Work environment temperature: -20℃~60℃

  • Indicator light states: ① normal work: green light maintain light. ② read tag ID: green light flashes. ③ Read tag block data: green light flashes. ④ Equipment malfunction: light does not shine. ⑤ Low power : green light has been slow blink ( low power alarm, please charge as soon as possible ) ⑥ Ultra low power: green light always flash rapidly ( low power can’t use, can’t read card) ⑦ In charge: long red light. ⑧ Charge electricity finished: long green light.

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Value Points

  • RFID Reader Modules are built into RFID reader systems, they enable these systems to read data from compatible tags.

  • It is used to read unique ID from RFID tags. Whenever RFID tags comes in range, RFID reader reads its unique ID and transmits it serially to the microcontroller or PC

  • Handheld data collection equipment

  • access control attendance equipment

  • one cartoon system

  • POS consumption equipment

  • Android devices, etc



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