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RFID Reader

  • BU04U RFID UHF Barcode Integrated Wireless USB Reader
BU04U RFID UHF Barcode Integrated Wireless USB Reader

BU04U RFID UHF Barcode Integrated Wireless USB Reader

    • Support UHF tag protocol ISO18000-6C

    • Compatible with a variety of applications, easy to use in a variety of applications

    • Support Windows, Android and iOS Systems

    • Widely used for warehouse, logistics, transportation, retailing

    • The main requirement of this product is for information security, if you don’t want to use Bluetooth, just use USB

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BU04U RFID UHF Barcode Integrated Wireless USB Reader

  • BU04U RFID UHF barcode integrated wireless USB scanner

  • Part No: IVF-BU04U

  • Support UHF label protocol ISO18000-6C

  • Support system: Windows、IOS、Android etc.

  • Communication interface: USB

  • RFID reading distance: 2-20cm(depending on the size of the tag

  • 1D/2D reading distance: 20mm~310mm  1 million pixels

  • Code recognition system: 

  • 1D: UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-E1, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-14, EAN-128, UCC128, ISBN/ISSN, CODE11, CODE32, CODE39, CODE39 Full ASCII , CODE93,CODE128, ITF 25 codes, Industrial 25 codes, Matrix 25 codes, China post codes, UK/Plessey, GS1, etc.

  • 2D: QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, etc.

  • Working hours: 1.5mA in dormancy, 62mA in standby

  • Material: ABS + PC engineering plastics

  • Battery capacity: 2400mA rechargeable lithium battery

  • Buzzer: built-in buzzer

  • Button: press to trigger reading

  • Operation temperature: -20℃~50℃

  • Indicator status:

  • Red light:

    ① Constant on: charging;

    ② Turn off: charging is completed;

  • Green light:

    ① Constant on: normal working;

    ② Off: in standby (return to constant on after pressing the key)

    ③ Blinking: waking up (return to normal after one second)

  • White light:

    ① Flashing: reading the two-dimensional code or RFID indication (at the same time the buzzer sounds);

  • Mode switching:

    AT+BU04=1 —— 1D/2D mode;

    AT+BU04=2 —— 1D/2D+RFID mode; (Send information only after reading both of them)

    AT+BU04=3 —— 1D/2D or RFID mode; (Send information once read one kind)

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Presentation e-Catalogue Case Studies

BU04 Scanner-One UHF Wireless scanning reader.jpg

Model Description

Value Points

  • IVF-BU04 is the second extension of the second generation of UHF Bluetooth reader BU01. It can be connected with windows, IOS, Android and other intelligent system platforms through Bluetooth interface, and used as an analog keyboard. It integrates two-dimensional barcode reading engine and UHF RFID reading and writing module, adopts advanced CMOS image recognition technology and intelligent image recognition system, which can easily read barcode on paper, commodity and other media, and identify RFID information on media. The device does not need secondary development and is compatible with various application software, so it is convenient for application in various occasions.

  • For the Bluetooth HID keyboard, please note that the input method should be in the English alphabet input state

  • 1. Start up and power on the equipment;

  • 2. Connect the corresponding number configuration of Uscanner with a USB cable to connect to the computer

  • 3. Open the text or word input box

  • 4. Press the key to read the label to display 1D / 2D / EPC in the corresponding mode on the terminal.

BU04 Scanner-One UHF Wireless scanning reader



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