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Wire Seal

  • RD230134C Truth Security 4 States RFID Wire Seal Tag
  • RD230134C Truth Security 4 States RFID Wire Seal Tag
RD230134C Truth Security 4 States RFID Wire Seal Tag RD230134C Truth Security 4 States RFID Wire Seal Tag

RD230134C Truth Security 4 States RFID Wire Seal Tag

  • Long Reading range upto 16meters after RFID seal is locked

  • Electronic Seal Tag are working in passive mode mostly.

  • 165mAh Coin Battery is supported to active BAP mode after seal locked in order to boost best reading performance for items tracking

  • Less operation in software development without Cloud or Platform

  • 4 States True Security e-Seal & Anti-Thief High Security design

  • Logo color Barcode QRcode Serial Printing, Laser engraved and so on personalization is supported

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Product Description - RD230134C Truth Security 4 States RFID Wire Seal Tag

  • Tag Dimension: 341*50*19(Antenna Size: 58*37mm)

  • Chip: CAB1/VBL7-NC (Protocol: ISO18000-6C GEN2 V2)

  • Memory:TID/UID 112bit+ EPC/Block 192bit+ User File_0 with 512bit+ Reserve 112bit

  • Operating Frequency: 865-868Mhz

  • FaceStock/Housing: ABS Plastic Housing + Galvanized Steel Wire Cable

  • Reading Range: 1600cm (depends on reader)

  • Installation: Tie up,tight up,Inserting or Locking Style

  • Battery Life: Embeded 165mAH Coin Battery will support a maxium life of 12months counted from the moment of wire seal LOCKED

  • Characteristic:Tamper Proof/Water Proof IP66/On Metal Use/Temperature Sensor/Detection Sensor

  • Feature Option: The cable wire diameter of this RFID Seal Tag is 4mm,This RFID SEAL TAG is required Latest version of BU01READER or PU01 PDA for Tamper Identification in order to have reliable & stable response. Universal RFIDReader can only identify Tamper Status in the reading range of Far Field(see the related app instruction). FAKE, REAL, UNLOCKED, LOCKED and TAMPERED are available in this RFID SEAL TAG with special encryption encoding either online & offline tracking management

  • Cloud Platform Management site:  bracelet.xminnov.com 

  • Cloud Platform Management default account & password: user  123456

  • SmartCheck DemoApp login account & password:  user  123456

Product Details and Product Feature

  • The RFID SEAL E-seal has the following functions:

    1) Be able to read a notice of UN-LOCK from each selected reading after RFID SEAL Tag is authenticated for use by the operators

    2) Be able to read a notice of LOCKED from each selected reading while the WIRE CABLE of RFID SEAL Tag is INSERTED or CLOSED.

    3) Be able to read a notice of TAMPERED from each selected reading while the wire seal was cut by the operators including the cases of the wire twisted/rotated by the operators

  • The RFID Seal E-seal is a radio frequency identification unit that transmits container information when interrogated by RFID scanning portal or mobile reader which it combines mechanical security of standard seals and the electronic security technology into one RFID Seal Tag. The RFID E-seal has an unique ID code from the world and can read-write user memory capabilities. It provides automatic identification of trucks, trailers, and containers, provide also security AES128 encryption for further authentication.

  • Those customs will use this RFID E-seal to implement a certification system of an authorized economic operator (AEO) and enhance an efficiency of Customs clearance system, but also anti-thief tracking management for the goods inside trucks, trailers, containers.

  • The RFID Seal E-seal is an truth security tamper detectable E-seal including the mechanical wire/cable locking component and RFID component.

  • With world patented technology anti-tampering function to avoid people stealing goods and then re-connect/ twisting back the wire without alarm or notice. Even though the people cut wire and didn't perform any reading process on the RFID Seal E-Seal and re-connect back the wire by any way, While the trucks, trailers or containers were arrived at destination, our AOE system will be able to recognize clearly what operation the operators were doing during the transportation.


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RD230134C Truth Security 4 States RFID Wire Seal Tag
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