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Tamper UHF tag

  • RD170175A Printable UHF Tamper Detection Wine Bottle Tag
RD170175A Printable UHF Tamper Detection Wine Bottle Tag

RD170175A Printable UHF Tamper Detection Wine Bottle Tag

    • RFID tamper detection for wine seal open check

    • RFID bottle seal with confidential information & security access

    • Brand protection of alcohol bottle origin check authentication

    • Wine bottle cap sealing, brand protection, mobility payment

    • Cylinder bottle quality box check anti-counterfeiting check

    • Cap seal & brand protect of wine quality track

    • One time use,disposable,tamper Proof,check on open,tamper detection

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RD170175A Printable UHF Tamper Detection Wine Bottle Tag

  • RD170175A Printable UHF Tamper Detection Tag

  • Tag Dimension: 115*40*0.1mm (Antenna Size: 111*35.43mm)

  • Chip: G2IL+( Protocol: ISO18000-6C GEN2)

  • Memory: TID/UID 64bit+ EPC/Block 128bit+ User 0bit+ Reserve 32bits access Password and 32bits kill password

  • Operating Frequency: 865-868Mhz

  • FaceStock/Housing: Transparent PET

  • Reading Range: 600cm on Air-Free (Depends on Reader) 

  • Installation: Adhesive  

  • Characteristic: Tamper Proof

  • Feature Option: Free consulting and free samples with solution proposal & evaluation, Fast sampling within 2-3days is provided to support ODM/OEM/SKD in order to meet the customized printing including mono/color barcode and text Embossing, laser-engraving, personalization and encoding service

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Value Points

  • UHF tamper detection wine bottle tag which independently developed by Xminnov, which realizes the function of BOR (break on removal), effectively solving the anti-counterfeiting problem of special products such as wine, liquor, wine, medicine, cosmetics, etc. When combined with the UHF chip with the tamper detection function, it can detect whether the package is open or not, and add a safety line to the brand value of the product.

  • In recent years, the circulation of pirated and counterfeit and shoddy products has been expanding globally, and the content has also diversified. In the wine market, there are many liquor products circulating through the Internet, especially in the high-end liquor market. Counterfeit goods such as real bottles and fake wines are emerging one after another. Dealers and consumers urgently need a method that can easily judge the authenticity. UHF tamper detection Tag can effectively contain counterfeit and shoddy products, and it is also a tool to provide information to consumers.



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