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Tamper UHF tag

  • UP210239A RFID Security Passive Seals
UP210239A RFID Security Passive Seals

UP210239A RFID Security Passive Seals

  • Inserting&locking style ABS plastic UHF seal tag.

  • Unique ID in the world, EPC status change indicates tampered or not

  • One time use, UHF detection seal tag with much security

  • Widely used for container, luggage, transition boxes management

  • Seal Tag/RFID Lock is the best option widely used for sea-cargo air-cargo container, logistics, luggage, shipping company, express couriers basing on its low cost and high security

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UP210239A RFID Security Passive Seals

  • UP210239A RFID Security Passive Seals

  • Tag Dimension: 36*20*12.5mm(Aluminum Antenna size 24*10 mm)

  • Chip: R6-P( Protocol: ISO18000-6C GEN2)

  • Memory: TID/UID 96bits+ EPC/Block up to 128bits+ User up to 32bits+ Reserve 32bit access/32bit kill

  • Operating Frequency: 920.5-924.5Mhz

  • FaceStock/Housing: PC Housing

  • Reading Range: 100cm on Air-Free (Depends on Reader) 

  • Installation: Tie up/Tight up/Inserting or Locking Style  

  • Feature Option: Free consulting and free samples with solution proposal & evaluation, Fast sampling within 2-3days is provided to support ODM/OEM/SKD in order to meet the customized printing including mono/color barcode and text Embossing, laser-engraving, personalization and encoding service

Value Points

  • With an unique TID UID EPC number in the world can't be copied from production line. Security Seals suitable for industrial use in hostile environments. 

  • Monitoring system can integrate whole transport when truck or container has Security Seals installed. will provide low cost and high level security service.

  • Identifying the packaging also in order to prevent people open container without notice. Check On Break seal protection option, widely used in sea cargo, air-cargo container,one time seal, prevent goods stealling issue.



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