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RFID Inspection Device
T8200PRO-G Portable RFID tag Tester
T8200PRO-G Portable RFID Performance Tester
  • Portable tester for easy detection of resonant frequency, Q value, bandwidth, etc.

  • Accurately measure the parameters of various sizes of LF & HF devices of various sizes, include:Resonant frequency, attenuation, Q value, support to read UID code and recognize some chips.

  • Be able to test transmission or reflection properties (Including directional coupling), Adjustable RF input power, Analog card reader.

  • Test results and waveform can be automatically written to the log file.

  • Preset testing range to determine whether the sample is qualified.

  • T8200PRO-G Portable RFID Performance Tester

  • Testing Principle: Contactless resonance frequency with magnetic coupling

  • Measuring Mode: Transmission/reflection characteristics

  • Testing Items: Resonance frequency, Attenuation, Q Value, UID, Chip type (part)

  • Protocol: ISO14443A,ISO14443B,ISO15693 

  • Data Points: 100~2048 points

  • Test Time: Without ID reading: 0.5 sec (typ),With ID reading: 1 sec (typ)

  • Log File: UID, PASS/FAIL, Resonance Frequency, Attenuation, Q Value

  • Waveform format: csv, jpg

  • Frequency Range: 10KHz~100MHz

  • Application Power: -30~15dBm

  • DIO Interface (optional): Isolated input/output

  • System Requirements: PC(OS) Windows7, Windows8.1, Windows10,USB2.0

  • Power Supply: USB bus power (current consumption500mA)

  • Packaging List: Main unit, USB cable, Coaxial cable(500m x2), High frequency standard card size test fixture, Optional different size specifications for testing antenna plates, Install CD

  • Dimension Weight: 125(W)x165(D)x40(H)mm, Protrusion not included, 0.8kg

T8200PRO-G Portable RFID Performance Tester
Value Added/Features
  • T8200PRO-G Portable RFID Performance Tester is easy to operate, easy to learn, easy to carry

  • Easy to display, spectrum, Q value, attenuation db value direct screen display

  • Automatically judge whether the measurement result is passed, and automatically generate an inspection log file.


    • Smart card, RFID tag resonance frequency detection:Tell the measurement result is correct or not; Automatically generate check log files;Adjustable RF power -30dBm~15dBm.RF antenna can be detected before chip binding, such as dual interface card coil inlay.

    • RFID read/write antenna resonant frequency detection.

    • Self-resonance frequency detection of wireless power supply coil and power inductor


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