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  • BH04 NFC HF Wristband Bluetooth Reader
BH04 NFC HF Wristband Bluetooth Reader

BH04 NFC HF Wristband Bluetooth Reader

    • Support non-contact 14443A/B, CPU card and M1 card, Desfire card, Felica, etc.

    • The card reading speed can meet the business needs of the bus card project. 1k byte data read or write is completed • within 1 second.

    • There is no loss or error in reading and writing 1k bytes of data at a time.

    • The electromagnetic field strength (Hmax) of the product card surface is ≤ 7.5A/m rms

    • The surface of the product reading surface electromagnetic field strength (Hmin) ≥ 1.5A / m rms

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• BH04 NFC HF Wristband Bluetooth Reader

• Battery capacity: 65mAh

• Charging interface: MICRO-USB, 5V-500mA

• Charging time: 70 minutes

• Standby time: 30 days

• Continuous working time: 7 hours (reading nearly 20,000 times)

• Q Value: 30 ± 2%

• Working Frequency: 13.56MHz

• Support card rate: 106kbps, 212kbps, 424kpbs

• Support ultra-low power automatic sleep

• It has good read and write performance for standard cards and special-shaped cards, and MCU cards

• Reading distance can reach 3-125px.

User Instruction of BH04 NFC HF Wristband Bluetooth Reader

• Communicate with BLE Bluetooth Android mobile phone devices above 4.0. Can communicate with iOS devices above Bluetooth BLE4.0.

• The communication speed can meet the business needs of the bus card project. 1k byte data transfer is completed within 1 second.

• The distance of open communication is 5m.

• There is no loss or error in reading and writing 1k bytes of data at a time.

• BLE version connection time is 1 second (scan + connection).

• The lamp is completely off during standby. The green light flashes when not connected, and the green light is always on when connected.

• When the charging is not completed, the red light is always on, and the red light is off when the charging is completed.

• When the card is found or the data is exchanged with the card, the blue light flashes. When the card is activated, the green light is always on.

• The lamp blinking period is 1 s. The software version number of the device can be returned via the SDK interface.

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