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RFID Cosmetics Brand Protection Anti-Counterfeiting Application

RFID Cosmetics Brand Protection Anti-Counterfeitin...

  • Protect the Brand 

    RFID anti-counterfeiting labels cannot be removed or copied, which can effectively prevent counterfeit brands from infringing on genuine products.

  • Increase Inventory Visibility

    Accurate inventory data is key in order for the supply chain and manufacturers to provide stores with needed products. If inventory numbers are incorrect, placing or not placing restocking orders leads to fluctuations in supply or demand, costing stores hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Monitor Trends & Prevent Out-of-Stocks

    Data provided by an inventory management system can be used to detect popular items in markets as well as early rises in trends. With that information, stores can expect and prepare for changes in demand. 

  • Reduce Theft

    An RFID inventory management system provides individual products with a globally unique number, enabling item-level visibility within stores. Item-level visibility can produce data to help pinpoint vulnerable areas where items are being stolen so that additional security can be put in place.

  • Decrease Shrinkage

    Similar to reducing theft, individual product identification provides additional visibility that can be used to help highlight steps throughout the entire supply chain that are prone to vulnerability.

  • Shorten Lead Times

    Data collected from individual stores’ RFID inventory management systems can help to reduce lead times for popular items. This data can also be used to shorten lead times online and to predict early rises and falls in individual item sales.

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